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Where to get GARMIN NUVI Power Jack Repaired

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I have a GARMIN NUVI 54LM that seems to have a problem with the power-jack.  Everything else works find but I can’t connect it via USB cable to a power source or to my computer.  Does anyone have any idea where I might go to get this repaired?  Batteries Plus said they couldn’t repair that particular mode.  I haven’t check with Garmin yet.  I was hoping there might be a local business that does this kind of repair.


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The problem with small electronics is that the cost of repairing is often more than the cost of buying a new unit. It's unfortunate because it has led to the culture of disposable electronic devices. But that's why you're going to be hard pressed to find anyone who can or is willing to repair an older electronic device. You can try a home repair if you're willing to open it up and solder on a new usb port.

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Suspect the cable because the cable’s plugs are designed to fail before the device’s USB receptacles. The Nuvi 54LM uses a standard cable with Mini B to Type A plugs.  You should be able to troubleshoot the problem.

·       If you have another device that uses a similar cable you can try the ‘suspected’ cable on that device, or use the other device’s cable on the Nuvi. 

·       If you have a multi-meter you can check the continuity between the plug’s contacts. Google ‘USB Connectors’ to understand which pins to test.  Over flexing or poor strain relief at the plug-wire interface can cause the internal wires (+5vdc, Data -, Data+, GND) to break.


Usually the cable is at fault, but new third party replacement cables are cheap and plentiful.  If the Nuvi’s receptacle is at fault then you can try repairing (soldering usually required) the receptacle, else buy a new unit.
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I see there is one used nuvi 54LM on eBay for $49. I suspect it will cost you at least as much to fix your device by the time you pay for the repair and shipping both ways. But check with Sharcnet to be sure ... they have had good reviews on several GPS forums I participate in. Of course buying used on eBay has the risk that it will have the same problem (or worse problems) than your current device, so if the repair cost is equal or even somewhat more, you are probably better off doing the repair.

If you have any acquaintances that have other model nuvi's see if they will let you test for the functionality you are trying to reproduce in your nuvi 54. That may give you some other models to look at. Sometimes you can get some good deals on older factory refurbished models that have full Garmin warranty.

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On 2018/04/09 at 2:30 PM, Capt. Bob said:

Suspect the cable because the cable’s plugs are designed to fail before the device’s USB receptacles. The Nuvi 54LM uses a standard cable with Mini B to Type A plugs.

I believe it was only with the micro-USB plug, that the principle of the plug failing before the device's socket, was introduced. The micro plugs in that case have the 'prongs', and i have a cable where the plug no longer has a good grip (it's OK for charging my phone and tablet at work). Anyway I have a Nuvi 1310 which is getting on for 10 years old, it has the six-sided mini usb socket and I've noticed it is getting looser. I have used it for caching, with the caches loaded as POIs, and have regularly unclipped and unplugged it when doing drive-bys. I inherited an even older 200W - one of the earliest Nuvis - which is still in excellent condition. It is quite satisfying to use these satnavs with days-old maps from OpenStreetMap.

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