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Sao Paulo to APE cache, end Apr 2018


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Hello, we are two geocachers from Singapore. We are considering driving from Sao Paulo to the APE cache some time ~25 Apr 2018 (with an overnight stay at the lodge there), so we're wondering if anyone would like to share the car, given neither of us speaks Portuguese nor have driven on the right before.

We would also appreciate any updated info on possible public transportation options to the APE cache.

Thank you in advance!

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It didn't work out for me last year. Maybe it works this year (not sure yet). My travel time would be 12-13/14 May. I'd be flying to Sao Paulo from Rio de Janeiro early morning, probably rent a car at whatever airport I fly to, and drive down. Maybe someone else is interested in joining me?

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15 hours ago, Stylopor Team said:

You will not spend much renting the car. 

Nope. On the other hand, having a driver is VERY expensive I found out. Again on the other hand, knowing a bit of Portuguese is probably a good idea in case the police stops you. Anyway, my trip is booked: domestic flight, hotel and car. Despite of what I wrote above it will be 5-6. May.

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2 hours ago, RuideAlmeida said:

Parece que o principal problema deles, será dirigir do lado direito da estrada.

Plus it might also depend on the kind of traffic you're used to driving at. I've driven in Qatar (about 2.5 years, without accident!) and found the traffic in Rio de Janeiro last year to be calm and relaxed. If you're not used to that kind of traffic it could be intimidating though.

The other side of the road.. been there, done that. I find it easiest if you can follow other cars. In the dark, with no other cars around it does get tricky. And of course if you end up on the wrong side after turning at a crossing then there's always another car.

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