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Texas: TRWD Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure GeoTour

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Just wanted to share a photo of the geocoin received for completing the TRWD Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure GeoTour. It's a trackable coin, one of the more attractive GeoTour coins I've earned.

Earning a coin requires finding 25 caches along the Trinity Trails system in the Fort Worth, Texas area. I was able to finish the GeoTour in the equivalent of a full day, but I think two days is more realistic. Especially if you're finding other caches along the way.

More details and a passport here. (There were originally 30 caches, but it's 25 today.)



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On 4/4/2018 at 0:18 PM, Max and 99 said:

Do you walk most of the way, along the trail?  I'm wondering when you recommend 2 days for 25 caches that it involves a lot of walking. This looks like a fairly new geotour, and I bet its a lot of fun! I'm glad you posted about this since its one of the closest geotours to me! 


Darn it, I didn't check the "Notify me of replies" button for this thread! Sorry about that.


I did walk (or run) to all of the caches. It would have been great to have had a bicycle at my disposal, because a lot of the caches would be nice to bicycle.


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