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Deleted Pocket Queries Stay in App List?

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Why does a deleted Pocket Query continue to show in the android Geocaching App version 5.12.0 for many days.  Why can't I delete lists (any list) from the app?   How should a list be removed from the phone app?

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Lists and PQ's are not the same thing. Bookmark Lists are stored, static lists of caches. No data file is created when a Bookmark List is created.

Pocket Query's that have been run create a data file, containing all of the caches that meet the PQ criteria. That file is available via the website's Pocket Query page for your account.  The app syncs with your account's info.  If you don't want a PQ's results to be visible in the app, then delete that PQ from the "ready to download" section of the PQ page, wait a few minutes, and then it should then be removed from your app. You can use your phone's web browser if needed.  OR, you can wait a week for the PQ results file to expire.

  • Bookmark Lists in the app have "Last Modified" above the list name.
  • Pocket Query results in the app have "Last Generated" above the list name.

If you're asking for the app to show separate lists/pq's than the website, then that would be a step backward because then the app would not be sync'd with the website.

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