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One year ago today, it began.


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I found my first cache one year ago today. It was the All Good cache (back when it was at Bethany Lake). My life has changed a LOT in the past year. I've experienced a lot of wonderful times, and some not-so wonderful times, both in my personal life, and in my 'Geocaching life'. It’s actually getting to the point now where my Geocaching life IS my personal life. Who would have thought that a handheld piece of hardware could have such an impact on one's life?


When I say that Geocaching has merged with my personal life, I really mean the people that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know while playing the game. Just like at my job, it’s the people that keep me coming back for more. Weather it be by email, forum posts, a great idea that someone shares with us, or a camping get-together at Champoeg State Park, getting to know so many great and friendly people in such a short amount of time has been truly wonderful.


These people, in no particular order, have had some sort of impact on my ‘Geocaching life’ in the past year, and I thank them for it:


Oregone – There are 3 words to describe you: Totally friggin’ hilarious! Well.. Maybe 3 more: Pee Bee Are icon_wink.gif Or just one word: Reverend! No matter what words we use to describe you (both printable here, or not), there are actually 2 that everyone will agree on: great writer! You’re logs are some of the funniest things I’ve ever read. And hearing you tell some of those stories in person is even better. I know you felt kind of weird about all the attention at first (Oregone Worship Festival!) but it seems like you’ve gotten used to it icon_wink.gif I’m glad that I got to go see some hockey with you this last season. I should be getting more tickets this season as well, so get ready icon_smile.gif I’m also glad that you took me up on the offer to meet up at my Top Score cache some Wednesday evening several months ago. Things just haven’t been the same ever since then.. And I’m glad icon_wink.gif I thank you for being one of the most entertaining parts of my ‘caching life’, and now part of my personal life as well.


LaurenCat – If I’m bringing up Oregone, I have to bring you up also, Lauren. You guys are like peanut butter and jelly: nutty and sweet icon_wink.gif You are also, by far, the greatest female cacher ever! (No offense to the other ladies out there!) Oh sure, other ladies say they like to play the game, but do they have as much fun as you do? I think not! I totally enjoy the time I get to spend with you… Especially at Champoeg (When are you going to finish that dance??? icon_wink.gif ) Also.. How do you put up Oregone’s crap all of the time?? There’s a mystery we’ll never understand… Oh.. By the way… I’ve finally come to a decision: Yes.. You are good people, and not bad people icon_wink.gif Thanks for being such a fun and understanding person when we pick on you about your Mac.. and your boo-tay… and pretty much all the other times we pick on you icon_smile.gif


The Tungsten Jihad – Even though you don’t find the story behind your handle very interesting, we do! I really have to thank you for partnering up with me for The Apparatus. I don’t know if I could have made it without you leading the way icon_wink.gif I owe you a beer..or 3.. or a margarita! Also, thanks for the who knows how many silver dollars you have left for your fellow cachers! Finding one is a really cool experience that everyone looks forward too. Thank you for that experience icon_smile.gif I consider my silver dollar to be a good luck charm. It’s been in my pocket since the day I found it, and things have been going pretty good since then. So, thank you icon_smile.gif


Soup – Only one word can describe you: Freaking crazy and we like you that way! The ideas that come out of your mind are truly awesome. Whistle While You Cache was one of the most frustrating yet enjoyable caches I’ve ever done! And the whole Apparatus thing (both presentation and hunt) at Champoeg was great! If I could live certain days over again, that would be one of them for sure. I can also say that whenever I see a tree stump, I think of you icon_biggrin.gif And, because of you, every time I go to check on my Low-Medium-High cache, I keep a lookout for nekkid people! We are SO glad that you do your caching here in the Portland area. Don’t ever change your wacky ways, because then you just wouldn’t be Soup. And even though I know your real name, Soup, for some reason, just seems to fit you better icon_wink.gif Thanks for adding an element of fun to my ‘Geocaching life’ this past year icon_smile.gif


My sister – (actually Oregone’s sister) Well, I’m just getting to know you, but it’s been great so far icon_smile.gif I’m looking forward seeing you at more Wednesday get-togethers.. and maybe more lunches too icon_smile.gif We should also go and hunt some caches together someday.. Like at the beach or Las Vegas icon_wink.gif Good excuse to go there! Thanks for hanging out in the Yurt at Champoeg. Hopefully we’ll all get to do that again sometime icon_smile.gif


Bellemanda – I was just getting to know you, and then you left! But, you’re coming back in a few months, so I’ll be looking forward to your return. Good luck with that whole Montana thing icon_wink.gif


Maps-R-Us – You folks are just plain great cachers that love Oregon, and it shows icon_smile.gif It meant a lot to me when you started adding to my Oregon History Lesson series. For years, I had noticed that the lines on the Thomas Guide seemed to originate from one particular point, but I never even imagined that there would be anything there. Not until I found your Carto Cache icon_smile.gif When I reached down and touched the Willamette stone, I felt a bit of a connection with the history of Oregon. I never would have experienced that if it wasn’t for you folks icon_smile.gif Also.. I forgot to tell you how much I appreciated all your effort in helping put together the Champoeg Rendezvous. It was a total blast! But I must say, I really hate ivy now icon_wink.gif So.. Thank you both for helping with the OHL series, setting up the Champoeg get-together, and bringing me to a historic place that I always wanted to see, but never knew it icon_wink.gif


White Rabbit – While I’ve never met you, I’d like to icon_smile.gif But, you rabbits are so sneaky… I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the great things you have to say about my caches when you post in the forums. Thanks! It makes me feel like I’m doin’ a good job icon_biggrin.gif I also wanted to let you know, the next time you hunt a cache of mine, feel free to leave any ’best of’ CD that you want. I sure don’t have a problem with it icon_smile.gif


MarkL32 – You, my friend, have some great cache ideas. I’m honored that you’ve shared some of them with me icon_smile.gif Someday, we need to collaborate on a cache. I have a feeling that when we do, it could quite possible be known as one of the greatest caches ever. icon_smile.gif I’m glad that my Contact cache was your introduction to Geocaching! Thanks for all your kind words after you found the cache. It really made my day. Now I just need to beat your time at Hot Track (I was only .01 seconds behind!!!) Thanks for sharing your great ideas, and for putting up a good race icon_smile.gif And speaking of racing…


Bodoni – Taking the Wednesday group to Hot Track was a great idea! I never would have even known about that place if it wasn’t for you. You teamed up with Mark on Contact, and it was your first as well. Again, I’m proud to have been your first cache, and I really appreciated your kind words icon_smile.gif While I’ve only hunted 2 of your caches, Absolutely (Great food and a beer I actually liked!) and Virginia (quite possibly the coolest cache spot around), I totally enjoyed them, and I’m looking forward to checking out your newest ones. And, even though some folks seem to think you look like Ron Jeremy, only your wife will know for sure if it’s really you or him icon_wink.gif


Trafcon – While I’ve only met you once, we’ve sent a few emails back and forth. Always glad that we can help each other out icon_smile.gif When I retrieved the logbook from Dude, Where’s My Cache, I read your log entry, and it has stuck with me ever since that day.. From now on, on January 17th, my thoughts will be with you and your family. Thank you for sharing that part of your life.


DenaliNW – You were the first to find my Contact cache, and since it was kind of my ‘baby’ your log will always be one of my favorites icon_smile.gif I still can’t believe that you drove all the way out to Hillsboro, at night, in the rain, in the winter time, with a pregnant wife, just to find my cache. You’re enthusiasm in being the first finder made me feel great icon_smile.gif It felt so good to bring that much excitement to someone with something I had created. I was curious who the first one to find it would be, and I was glad that it was you icon_smile.gif I also still can’t believe that you accidentally broke that glass sculpture that I made for the first finder!! icon_wink.gificon_biggrin.gif Someday, I’ll get that thing to you in one piece. In a way, it was the ‘trophy’ for finding the cache first. Oh.. And I forgot to congratulate you and your wife on having your baby.. So.. Congratulations! icon_wink.gif And speaking of wives and kids… Your Proposals cache will always be one of my most memorable. I took my friend’s 3 daughters caching with me all day that day (made me kinda feel like a dad icon_biggrin.gif) and it got me to thinking about a future marriage, and kids, and the whole thing. Finding your Proposals cache was the icing on the cake that day icon_smile.gif It really made me want to find a great girl and propose to her in a totally unique way like you did with your wife. So thank you for putting forth the effort and beating everyone else to Contact, and for your Proposals cache, which made me think about what direction I want my life to go in the future icon_smile.gif


Explosis – Dude.. you’re a freaking cache maniac… But don’t worry.. That’s not bad or anything.. I think icon_smile.gif Hiding out near Makaio’s house that one day and waiting for him to come home was pretty fun and funny! We should go stalk another cacher sometime icon_wink.gif Thanks for starting up a cache in my honor: Stickers.


Pdxmarathonman – You and your daughter (she’s such a cutie!) are probably the best Father/Daughter caching team in town icon_smile.gif I’m glad that my caches have brought so much enjoyment to you and your family. Thank you for your kind words about my caches. It makes me feel great icon_smile.gif I’m looking forward to doing more of your caches, but hopefully they won’t get plundered a few minutes after I find them! icon_wink.gif Thank you for sharing you and your daughter’s caching adventures with me. I really enjoy it icon_smile.gif


Pdx_guy – Sorry man.. Port-O-Potty just isn’t my thing. I have a hard enough time finding the big caches where you don’t have to solve a puzzle! I did enjoy your Rose Festival Hot Air Balloons cache! It was actually the first time I had ever been to that park. Thanks for involving the Rose Festival in Geocaching. I thought that was a great idea icon_smile.gif


Syn – Man.. I still feel kind of bad about calling you a wussy since you couldn’t complete my Tree Hugger cache. But I also feel even worse that you went back to try it again and dropped and broke your GPS! icon_redface.gif But hey, at least you made it up the tree that time icon_wink.gif I really appreciate the effort you put in to complete that cache. You overcame a personal fear just to get that hard earned find. icon_smile.gif I kind of admire that… Oh.. And I got a message for you from everyone else here… Thanks for changing your name from WaynePDX to Syn. This town isn’t big enough for everyone to have PDX in their name (see above) icon_wink.gif Oh.. and one more thing to remember.. It’s pronounced “Geo-Cash” and not “Geo-Cash-Aye” icon_wink.gif


Matt and Laura – It was great working with you on Kitty’s X at Champoeg! Your cache container has one of the best camouflage jobs ever! It was also fun trying to find Champoeg, Rinse, and Repeat (Soup, you’re nuts!). I like what you did with the series of caches on the Springwater trail. I did a couple of those at night, and every night cache is memorable icon_smile.gif


Technician – Quite simply, your After Dark cache is the second most fun thing a bunch of people could do in the dark icon_wink.gif Even though I didn’t have the best experience my first time there, it was still an awesome cache. I really appreciate it when someone puts that much effort into something for others to enjoy. And we did enjoy icon_smile.gif


Exocet – Brad & Chad.. Where are you guys? While I’ve only done one of your caches (Das Butte), it was a great experience. And, it got me over to a park that I’ve always wanted to see. Your adventure while finding Low-Medium-High will always be one of my favorites icon_smile.gif If I was in your shoes, there would have been no way I would have walked all the way from the Max station to McMenamins! Glad you had a good time though.. Thanks for sharing the story with me at the December get-together icon_smile.gif


RedwoodRed and Steak N Eggs – I can’t believe you guys actually came all the way up here just to find a box that I hid in the woods icon_smile.gif It really made me feel good to know that something that I created had enough impact on a whole family to make them want to drive for 2 days just to find a cache of mine icon_smile.gif It was great meeting you and the boys! I had a great time being your host, and I really enjoyed your stories (truck on fire, c.b. tag, cache mis-adventures). Someday, I’ll put forth the same effort and make it down to your neck of the woods.. But there’s no way you will get me to eat sushi! (Isn’t that bait???) icon_wink.gif


WitCamp – Although you don’t cache much anymore, if at all, your Raiders of the Lost Cache will always be one of the greatest and most unique caches ever. It was such a great feeling when I finally saw those eyes! Thanks for making me feel a little bit like Indiana Jones icon_wink.gif


Joedohn – Your cache at Powell’s was actually my first no-find, but I was too much of a wuss to log it back then. After it got plundered, a friend of mine told me how it worked. I thought it was brilliant! In fact, that cache inspired me to create more puzzle based caches, rather than physically challenging ones (well.. that and I’m not in good enough shape to create a 5/5!). So thanks for the bit of inspiration, weather you knew it or not icon_wink.gif You list of created caches is impressive (both quantity and quality!). I can only hope to someday create caches of your caliber.


Seth! – I have met the creator of some of the greatest current and future caches, and his name is Seth! It was great to meet you at the Barley Mill! So far, I’ve only done one of your caches (GPS?IP Address! – Cool puzzle), but that will soon change icon_smile.gif All I hear about them is great stuff. I think it’s great that you’re a teacher and you’ve gotten your kids involved in Geocaching. If I were a kid again, I would totally want to go to your school! Some of the teachers in my life really made a lasting impression on me. They opened my mind to new and better ways of thinking. I imagine you as that kind of teacher. Keep making an impression on those kids’ lives. They’ll remember you forever. And speaking of something to remember forever… You, Moun10Bike, and Tungsten’s log on Contact will always be one of the best caching stories ever! icon_smile.gif Thanks for coming all the way down here, finding our caches, and meeting up with this weird bunch of people from Portland. Looking forward to meeting up with you again when I come visit up your way icon_smile.gif


Moun10Bike – Caching Legend. ?Your coin, is quite possibly, the greatest cache treasure ever! When LindaLu brought one down and left it for me in Contact, I had to go snag it icon_smile.gif It’s another one of those good luck things that I always keep on me.. And I think it’s working so far icon_wink.gif I wanted to thank you for creating and distributing your coins, and also for coming all the way down here to find Contact. I was honored that you planned it out to be your 300th find ? And to make it even better is that terrific log by you, Seth!, and Tungsten icon_smile.gif It couldn’t have been any better… Thanks icon_smile.gif


LindaLu – Without you, I wouldn’t have my precious Moun10Bike coin icon_wink.gif Thanks for leaving one for me when you came all the way down here to find Contact. Also, your log started a Contact cache site clean-up. While it didn’t end up the way we would have liked, it was great to see Cache In/Trash Out on a large scale. Thanks for ‘feeding our head’ with the idea icon_wink.gif


Slinger91 – Dude.. I had a great time hanging out with you at Champoeg! I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more of you down our way.. especially if a case of beer in involved.. and hopefully this one won’t be half full of Sprite icon_wink.gif (Soup, you’re nuts!)


BunkerDave – (In Utah) When some no-good kids started trashing your caches, I was honored that you asked me to create a tough puzzle for your Master Cache to try and keep them away. It was the first time I had made a puzzle for someone, and that made me feel really good icon_smile.gif Maybe someday I’ll make it out there and actually find that cache. At least I know I solved the puzzle for it correctly icon_wink.gif Thanks for thinking of me when you needed a puzzle icon_smile.gif


UtahJean – Reading about how you sometimes used ‘the Force’ to find caches, inspired me to create my ESP Cache. People actually have a pretty tough time finding it, so I guess we here in Oregon don’t possess as much Force as you folks in Utah.. But at least we try icon_smile.gif Good luck on becoming The Biggest Nut of All in the Are-U-Nuts? game, and thanks for helping to throw a little bit of psychic power into the Geocaching world icon_wink.gif


Cache-U-Nuts – While I’ve never conversed with you, I think the Geo-Games that you have created are wonderful ? It’s great to see people expanding Geocaching in such a unique way. Now what would it take to get you guys to set that up for us Portland folks??? icon_wink.gif


ClayJar – Thanks for setting up the Geocaching chat on IRC. While I don’t drop in much anymore, I always have a great time when I’m there. Thank you for stepping forward and bringing us all together in chat.


Dave Ulmer – No.. I haven’t met you, and you probably won’t read this, but I just wanted to say that I’m glad you had the idea to hide a box on the side of the road and have people go find it. Who would have known that such a simple thing could turn into something so huge? Like I’ve stated above, this game has changed my life. I’ve met some really great people, I’ve found a new way to express myself (in making puzzles, creating containers, and making videos), and I’m getting outdoors a lot more than I used to. I’ve discovered parks that I’ve lived less than 10 miles from for my whole entire life, but never knew they were there until someone hid a cache there. Never in my life have I had such a great time walking through stinging nettles, running from a LOT of bees, battling blackberry bushes, having some guy ram his truck into my little car while scouting future cache spots, spending too much money on getting stickers made, finally seeing the piece of Tupperware that’s been in front of my face for 5 minutes, being told by the FAA that I should remove the cache from the center of the runway, getting left behind by a bunch of people in the woods at night (“Hey… Where’s fractal?”), hiding from police, trying to explain a ‘high-tech treasure hunt game’ to the police at 2 in the morning, driving 100 miles just to not find what I was looking for, and looking suspicious in public (well.. more than usual anyway). I’ve also enjoyed things like the very first time I open a cache, discovering new parks and places, finding new ways to express myself in the game, driving people nuts by making them tape pieces of paper together until the form cubes, conversing with people in the forums and chatroom, getting email from people in Australia telling me that something I did inspired them, being the first finder, finding a silver dollar, and meeting up almost every Wednesday night to hang out with a great bunch of people. A lot sure has happened to me since I found out that you hid a box on the side of the road. Thanks for doing that icon_smile.gif


Oh.. And I must mention one more local person…


Makaio – I know I’ve mentioned this before, but after my first cache got plundered, it was your words of encouragement that made me want to keep playing the game. Without that email, I probably would have just said “screw it!” But I really appreciated the fact that you, being a complete stranger, would take the time to send a message to someone and try to encourage them to not let a thing like that bother them. When I got that message, I instantly felt like , hey.. this actually seems like a decent bunch of people.. Maybe I will stick to it… I thank you for your Geo-Sportsmanship, Makaio. If not for that, the last 365 days would never have been as fun and exciting as they were. icon_smile.gif


One more thank you…


Jeremy Irish – Thanks for doing a dadgum find job of keeping things running here! When I first came across the site (thanks to Project A.P.E.), I couldn’t believe that it was free! When the opportunity to purchase a Charter Membership came about, I didn’t hesitate. The game has become such an important part of my life that I just had to show my support. You and the people of Grounded, Inc. have done a spectacular job with the Geocaching website. I think its good how boundaries are being set (locationless, virtuals, etc.) and how the game is starting to expand (i.e. benchmarks). I’m looking forward to all of your future plans icon_smile.gif Thanks again…


I know I’ve probably left a bunch of people off this list, so don’t be offended if I didn’t thank you. I’ve been up since 2am writing this letter (twice!) so I’m a little tired right now and probably forgetting all sorts of important things icon_smile.gif


So that’s the highlights of my first year of caching. It couldn’t have been better icon_smile.gif

So what’s in store for year 2? Well… I’ve got a few ideas for some caches that I hope people will find entertaining. Nothing really set in stone, but I do have some working titles:


QuarterCache – If I can get this set up, it could be a really fun cache, AND I’ll finally have a signature item icon_smile.gif

Broken Hearts – What happens when you throw together a bunch of random cachers and make them solve a puzzle? Hopefully we’ll find out!

Audio Tour – This one has been on the back burner for a long time. I just need to find a park that has great sat reception.

Night Prowler/After Dark: Reborn – A high-tech version of Technician’s After Dark cache.

The Bible Code/Pi – Mixing together some ideas from a really cool independent film called Pi, and the mysterious Bible code. I might not do this one though since some people might not agree with the slightly religious theme. If you have an opinion about it, I’d like to know what you think.

31337 H4X0R – Inspired by Seth!’s GPS? IP Address! puzzle, people will have to hack into my website to get the coordinates for the cache. Please don’t hack me right now, it’s not set up yet! icon_wink.gif

fractal’s web – It’s like Charlotte’s Web, only bigger.. and a spider didn’t weave this one icon_wink.gif

Tree Hugger 2: Plunder THIS ONE you dang kids! – Pretty much self explanatory.

Frequency – Another cache based on a cool movie. But, the logistics of it are looking to be a nightmare, so chances of it happening are not as good as others.

The X-Files: Find Agent fractal – This is another one where it’s looking to be another logistical nightmare. I think I bit off more than I can chew when I did the trailer for it. We’ll see though.. It might just be delayed for a while.


One last big thanks to everyone who’s ever found a cache of mine! I appreciate your time and effort icon_smile.gif


Here’s to another 365 days!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some sleep before I go find my one year anniversary cache icon_smile.gif


Feed your head!





N 45° 30.ish

W 122° 58.ish

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Thanks for the kind words, and for the reminescence (I think that's spelled right). Your involvment in the Portland caching community is extensive and appreciated. Your caches remain firmly entrenched as some of my most memorable, and someday soon I will be able to sit down and do Elegia. I'm sure it will be as good as all the rest. Actually, the use of the New Order tune has already reminded me of my younger days, when my brother and I drove up to Berkeley for a New Order/Echo and the Bunnymen concert. Even found myself digging out the CD's for an evening. In that sense, it's already a great cache.

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Don't know what to say except, I don't know what to say. I really appreciated your post. I think it shows the true "family" of geocaching. I know that my first cache ever was your Oregon History Lesson #1. So you are the one that broke me in.


My wife thought I was crazy when I was able to crack your Contact cache and now she knows I am after working on your Elegia cache. It is really neat to have folks like you and some of the other "pioneers" of caching in my area. I give a friend of mine in Florida who is a fellow cacher links to your caches and he is amazed at the effort you put into them.


Maybe after I retire from my first career next year I will have a little more time to hide more caches of my own but they will never come close to the efforts you put into them.


When i first started caching someone e-mailed me about a log I had made on a cache. It was my third or forth find and they took exception to what I said. You e-mailed me and helped "toughen" my outlook and restored my faith in the people and the game. I really appreciate that.


Maybe in October on my anniversery date I will have as many good times to reflect on. I know I already have the cache Family like you do and I am honored to include you in that. icon_wink.gif


It's also nice to know one of the pro's such as yourself enjoy microcaches as much as I do. I thought it was my age.


P.S. Maybe you or someone else can tell me how to turn my HTML code back on.


KTF !!! GBWY !!!

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Originally posted by Markwell:

Not one mention (sniff, sniff). Oh well - I guess it's 'cause I never get up to the northwest. icon_wink.gif

Congrats, Fractal. That one year feeling is GREAT!


I hate to admit it Markwell, but that was my reaction as well. (In my case it may have been intentional) icon_wink.gif

There are so many truly decent people in this community.

I really do get choked up, whenever I think of what you all mean to me.


Next month is my anniversary so I'll save my speech for then. (especially since I don't live in the Northwest)


Thank you Fractal, for being man enough to put into words what many of us have been thinking.

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Mr. fractal. Like the effort you put into your cache hunts, I am totally impressed by your post.

(and thanks for the crazy reference, it fits me)


I agree with you dude. We have a wonderful group of cachers here in the NW. People who design the devious hunts, create clever containers, and search for elusive plastic toys have become great friends to boot. How cool it that? VERY!


I now have a collection of great cache stories to think back on including: driving fractal the wrong direction to a cache, snapping some pix of laurens Boo-Tay, meeting Oregone at the Raiders cache, and getting TOTALLY smashed by TJ and his go-kart of doom. There are TONS more, but there is no room here.


I cant wait for the next collection of great cache stories. I hope they include a ghost!!


I can say I always look forward to our gatherings, just so I can hang with y'all.


-S.M. AKA C.R.


Them sucka's crazy fool's Hannibal!

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I always knew you were great at creating caches, but had no idea you were such a good wordsmith!


I'm really glad I wrote you that email after your first cache disappeared icon_smile.gif Random acts of kindness can go a long way, eh? It was kinda cool how the cache managed to return and end up becoming High/Medium/Low which has proven to be a well liked cache in it's own right.


I'll certainly never forget you and Explosis leaping out from behind the trees that day. I about **** myself icon_smile.gif


I've never really given much thought to how much this sport has touched my life, but your post certainly has me thinking about it. It's been almost 2 years for me and the friends and adventures I've had are too numerous to mention here.


Congratulations, my friend. May we all enjoy many more years of solving your ingenious puzzles icon_smile.gif



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maybe it's because i'm feeling pms-ish and hormonal, but i just about sobbed when i read your post earlier this afternoon.


when i'm mysteriously absent every wednesday night and my non-caching friends inquire, i have to explain about geocaching. they usually say "so you're ditching us for a bunch of nerds?!?". well, i guess i am, but you guys, my nerdy friends, sure are a lot of fun. and i enjoy everytime we get to hang out together.


wasn't that touching??? icon_smile.gif


If there's gravity, then how you explain birds!?!

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Well fractal, you are about the sweetest geocacher ever... and you rival Oregone for long-windedness icon_wink.gif


All I know is that the people i know on that list of yours, are about the best-kindest-funniest-insert positive superlative here-people I have EVER met.


stir-crazy in montana, bellemanda



I'm not great enough to be modest.

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Fractal- My wife and I thank you for your kind words. Your Contact Cache is still the best puzzle cache I have done. I agree whole heartedly that everyone I have met in the NW are great. I wish I could meet up with everyone more often but my hours of work just won't allow it. My year anniv is in September. Hopefully meet up again soon




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Wow, I don't think I've ever seen that many emoticon faces in one post. What a great post, well thought out, just like your caches. Hope you stay around the area and keep up the good work on your caches. We're currently in the middle of putting together a Fractal-ish cache. Should be done by the end of the month.


Our one year date is on the 31st of this month. Not quiet as many finds as others, but still enjoying the sport. To spot us, you just have to keep your eyes open, we usually go out late at night after work (7 or 8ish)or on the weekends. We've seen a couple of fellow cachers (explosis) here and there, but we've only been caught once so far, but that's because we were doing some routine cache maintenence and the people who found the cache needed the log book that was in our hands. For some reason we find it more James Bond-ish to remain annonymous and that adds to our fun-factor.


BTW: We've got plenty of "best of" cd's left for your caches icon_wink.gif


buneatg.gifI am the Rabbit King, I can do anything

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She is the one that keeps up on the new things on this site. You WILL make it down to our neck of the woods soon (I hope) and when you do our doors will be open with plenty of caches to find. More are always on the way.

Thank you for the kind words and the Pizza Schmizza (how ever you spell it). Do to a new work scedual our out of twon trips are cut to minimal amount, (lets just say I am not unemployed anymore) and that our caching has come to a crawl. We will get back on the bandwagon and get out 100th before Oct when our 1yr comes up (I hope). There are caches popping up in the Medfors Grants Pass area like wild-flies.

Thank you fractal for being the person you are, may the FORCE be with you and your GPS guides you in the right direction......


"My gps say's it RIGHT HERE".


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That’s a might powerful post ya got there.


I always enjoy your caches as much as sucking down beers with ya. Especially since your such a well behaved drunk. icon_smile.gif


Thanks for starting the whole Wednesday night thing, I've met a whole bunch of strange and interesting people that I look forward to seeing every week.


You've contributed a Metric *** Ton to the geo community up here and I appreciate it.

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Like you fractal I started geocaching through a curious look at project ape a year ago this month. And geocaching for better or worse(depending on who you ask) has had a remarkable impact on my life. I never thought I would be meeting and spending time with such a great group of people. icon_smile.gif It was great meeting you fractal at the Barley Mill that crazy night back in april. And Champeog, what a blast! No more Bud 18 packs from soup! And whats this talk about me being involed if there's a case of beer? just a case? What's everyone else gonna drink? icon_wink.gif I know I live far away, but I think of pdx/portland as my geocaching home. Hopefully you guy's will make me an adopted member. Providing there will be some kind of malted beverage in the induction ceremony. icon_biggrin.gif

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Gee. I wait a while because I don't know what to say to a post like that, and everybody uses up all the good stuff. So I think you should just go back and read all the other posts again and pretend I said 'em. Thanks for including me in such illustrious company . . . and boy am I looking forward to the next 12 months!

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Alright, even i don't have the energy to write something like that, fractal, but thanks for the nod. The geocaching community up here in the pac nw is a lot like a tin of mixed nuts. Sure, it's mostly just peanuts. But every once in a while you'll bite into one of those brazil-nut thingies and chip your tooth on the bat skull embedded inside. And THAT'S something you can tell your kids about. When you're drunk.


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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