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Searching for a trackable doesn't work


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I'm trying to log trackables on the geocaching.com webiste.  I enter the code and then I get the following message The Travel Bug you requested does not exist in the system.
At first I thought I had written the TB code wrong.  So then I entered one of my own registered trackables and I get the same message.  I know the message is wrong since the code I entered is one for a geocoin I have in my hands. 
Please fix the website so I can continue to register the trackables I retrieved from today's event that I attended.

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I ran into a similar issue recently, but forgot to report it here.

After you enter an incorrect code, the page that tells you it's incorrect has a box at the bottom where you can search for another code. However, even if you enter a valid code in this box, it will tell you it's invalid. If you instead navigate back to the main trackable search box, it will work fine there. It's something about entering a code after entering an invalid one that has an issue.

Edit to add: I just went to replicate the issue so I could document the steps, but now if I enter an invalid code, it takes me to a different page than it did before (now it's some kind of cache search page).

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