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Bug in Friend League tracking

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I decided to get started early on my Planetary adventure and logged three caches (first-to-finds, in fact, but that was coincidental) at 12:02am, 12:08am and 12:14am today the 19th, but they were credited to last week's Friend League instead of this week's.   Can someone look into this?   Other early loggers may be getting "hosed" as well in their haste to be early travelers.   I am in the Pacific time zone - the same as HQ in Seattle.

Much appreciated!

-Gooseville (Steven and kids)

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Scoring for the Planetary Pursuit started at 12:00 noon UTC (5am Seattle time, 1pm in most of Europe), so your logs would have been before the start. To fix it you can delete your logs and relog the caches. We are working on a fix for the other reported issues, thank you for your patience.

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Crossposting this from another thread about the same issue.

14 minutes ago, Matthias Smed Larsen said:

HQ is probably aware that something is amiss re: scores, but I'd just like to provide a concrete example that might help with troubleshooting:

My friend and I both logged the same Letterbox (GC3VETN) under the exact same conditions (none of us dropped off any trackables, the cache had the same amount of FP's (9) when both of us logged etc.), but I got 10 points while she only got 5. Even if there were different conditions, she should at least have gotten 10 since it was a Letterbox.

The logs can be found here:

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1 hour ago, sharkc said:

Thank you hzoi!  Where/how did you find the link?

If you're using the My Dashboard page, the Friend League is linked on the left side under the links for statistics and souvenirs. (edit: I think it's a new link, I don't remember seeing it before, though I could be wrong.  It now has a little trophy icon, which I am sure is new.)

If you're using the old dashboard view, there's no direct link on that page - you'd find it by going to your friends page, where it's linked at upper right.

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There definitely appears to be a scoring bug, it didn't give me any scores for 14 caches that I found on 3/26/18 even though they appear  found on each of the cache pages..  Rmt482Ruthie was with me, found the same caches and got credit for them..I did get credit for others that I found on 3/26/18 but they showed up on the friend league with the wrong date..Again they have the right date on the cache page..  Hoping this gets straightened out

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