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Geocoin Collection For Sale

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Selling my geocoin collection as a whole (I don't want to piece it out at this point).  I apologize in advance if I have used the wrong name below on a couple.  I do have a Purple Haze Tranquility coin I will deal on separately but the price has to be right to get it out of my hands.  :lol:  None of the coins are activated.  My email is 406snowmobiler@gmail.com.  Thanks for looking.

Geocoins For Sale


·       Digital Hell – Red

·       Digital Hell – Purple

·       Stars of the North

·       Discover Your World – Black

·       Sometimes It’s Just Who You Are With (Maybe not the right name)

·       World Wide Flash Mob – 5/2/09

·       Midnight Stargazer

·       Flip Flop – Blue

·       Bodensee Winter BBQ

·       Night Caching – Glow

·       Mickey Diver

·       Skull Drudgery

·       Good Karma/Bad Karma – Black (Have pins that go with it)

·       Dragon Fly Talisman – Antique Copper/Nutella

·       Yemon Yime Pink Project – (Have pin that goes with it too)

·       Clay Tiki #1

·       Official Deputy Midwest Geobash 2009

·       Gone to the Dogs

·       Frozen Buns

·       Neptune’s Sun – Gold/Yellow

·       Neptune’ Sun – Gold/Green

·        Neptune’ Sun – Antique Copper/Nutella

·       Neptune’ Sun – Grey/Red

·       Neptune’ Sun – Silver/Blue

·       Neptune’ Sun – Antique Silver/Green

·       Caching for California Gold   

·       Tsun Earth Turtle w/attached baby (Have pins that go with it)

·        Dragon Ladon – Silver w/Antique Gold Dragon

·       Lily Sue Turtle Outline – Silver

·       Guardians of the Night – Black Nickel w/ Glitter in lay

·       Davey Jones Locker – Nickel/Blue

·       Colonel H. George Cachingtons Dragon – Antique Copper (150 minted)

·       Kathy’s  Geocoin – Gold/Green

·       Tranquility – Purple Haze This is the only coin that I’m selling separately and has to be the right price.

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