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i wish i were cool...

Guest oregone
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Guest whidbeywalk

I know where you?re coming from. I usually takes me 10+ minutes just to add a post to the forums. But, maybe I can help since I have a similar type warning on one of my caches.


I assume that you do know how to edit the cache and you?re just asking about html. Here is the html that I used to put the red warning on my page.


Warning: This state park boarders with Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.


If this is what you?re looking for I hope it helps. Before anybody jumps all over me, I don?t know enough about all this stuff to guarantee that it will work in every browser on every system, but I haven?t received any complaints about the cache page.

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Guest fractal

Once you learn some html basics, a good way to practice using them is to create a new cache called something like 'archive this cache', and immediatly archive it.

Then, you can edit the cache description as much as you want, practice your html, and no one will see it.

I have an archived cache set up where I do like a rough draft of a cache I'm going to set up. Once I get it all looking the way I like, I just copy all the info in to a text file, and paste it into the new cache description. That way, it comes out looking good to everyone the first time.


Then.. I can always go back to that archived cache, edit it up for my next cache, and do the copy and paste thing again...


Does this make sense?




[This message has been edited by fractal (edited 05 March 2002).]

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Guest DenaliNW

One other thing to consider - Jeremy has added a new link (somewhere near the coordinates, I think) that allows you to temporarily archive the cache. It would show up on the cache lists still, but with lines through it, and there would be a message letting others know that the owner has temporarily archived it for repairs or updates. Then you just unarchive it. Haven't tried it yet, but I understand it's supposed to be different from the archive link in the top right.

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Originally posted by oregone:

ch dumb questions, so if this isn't appropriate, just ignore this post and let it disappear so i won't feel embarassed two weeks from now.


Is it just me, or does oregone's original post seem to be cropped? This is all I have and somehow this started a thread? Hmmm...

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Originally posted by makaio:

there seem to be lot's of them - most probably the result of the forum migration.


Yes. The import didn't go too well after all. Fortunately we're keeping the old forums for archival purposes.


Makaio... didn't know you were from VA? I grew up in Stafford, VA and lived most of my young adult life in Northern VA (Herndon). Small world. Both PNW transplants.



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