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Celebrate 100, 1000 and 10000

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Here's your sign:



I've seen some celebrations for friends locally, at Events, for notable milestones. There are nice Geocoins for many types of milestones, and banners to place in your profile or whatever.  Usually, cachers place the banners they want, themselves, as a milestone or achievement happens.  There are several charts of "statistics", including milestones, built right into your Profile.

There are people I know who would complain if TPTB had a “celebration notice” for every 100 finds (or for any “milestone”).  I think "Souvenirs" are pretty neat, but I haven't looked at mine in a long time.  And I wouldn't like to manage them (Why is that one missing?  Why is this one here?).  I'd rather find caches than get banners. :cute:

I've placed some nice milestone celebration packs in caches. After my own Find 100, I put a bag of items in the first cache I ever found (which was an ammo box). The bag had an info sheet, certificate, balloons, a Geocoin, and a spring-loaded glitter popper, so the finder could celebrate. :P

For my 1000th Find, I placed one of five unactivated dragon Geocoins in caches, with info. But next time, I'll hand any such items to directly to friends. That's the only way any of these things are acknowledged. Place something in a cache and it evaporates without mention. :ph34r:



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25 minutes ago, aer72 said:

I know that there are geocoins and the odd friendly cacher that gives you a mention but if there was some alert gif or just something that would gve an online note it would be great.

Besides the helpful link by Michaelcycle to badgegen through GSAK, another third-party site, project-gc, has a stats page that's also loaded automatically to your profile.

 - But your own profile stats page has your "milestones" listed as well (under milestones).

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On ‎3‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 5:34 AM, aer72 said:

Shouldn't there be a celebration notice or a gif or something when you a milestone? 

You can ask the site by hitting the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of all forum pages.  They're the ones who give out souvenirs and such.  Who knows...

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