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Mind the Muggles Wallpaper

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Dear Cachers and Community,

i'm totally new in Geocaching and start caching recently, but in this short spell im
more than excited about this new adventure and fast the cache bug got the whole family. ;)
I´m excited about the creativity and passion from the cachers out there in creating
new missions and tricky challenges.

So after a great caching day back home, a little disappointed in not getting solved our
first Multi-Cache challenge. I start creating a wallpaper for myself, to switch my
thoughts to something completely different. A Wallpaper and Time heals all wounds –
an old cacher saw. (haha) :D

After this i thought i would be a good idea to share this wallpaper with the community,
as a small thank-you gift and maybe there is one or two cachers out there who will be
joyful with it - ?!


Mind The Muggles Wallpaper


Here it is – The "MIND THE MUGGLES" Wallpaper for Desktop and Mobile.

I have upload the Zip-File (ca. 5 MB) to my Google Drive and the file included
"all" the different display resolutions for desktop and mobile.

Download: https://goo.gl/uD5ERw

Hope you like -?!

Take care and have a great cachers day! ;)

dernilson // TEAM LIN

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