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I’d really like to join this but am hesitant to spend almost $50 for the lowest subscription (1 coin for 3 months) without really knowing what I’m getting. Usually for subscription services, I sign up for a single month and if I like it, I subscribe for longer. I was wondering if anyone had a promo code or knows where I might be able to get one to lower the cost a bit so I can try it out. Thank you!

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Have never seen a promo code. It is ... what it is.

You get a monthly coin. Viewing the Club section will give you an idea of what past coins have looked like. There are no guarantees what future coins will be. The Club Coins are not available (at first) to regular retail buyers. After a while, they offer repeat buys to Club members and eventually make them available to retail customers ... IF there are any left.

The longer the subscription - the cheaper it gets per month. That's the 'promo' in a manner of speaking.

We've been getting them since 2012 and have no plans on cancelling.

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