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Renaming/ new owner travel tag


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sorry if this is clear some where else.  

I bought a bag with a velcro travel tag attached to it. I was wondering if I speak to the original order so I can purchase the bag from if I can have to tag id to register it under my own name.

Or in the situation where I took over a retired geocachers possessions do I just grab the tag and move it on through its life. 

I'm not sure if that was clear but thank you very much for your time with my question.  


Second question.  I have some unregistered tags that are a few years old from the same person do they expire? if not activated in a certain time?


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Trackable items have no expiration date, and there is no requirement to activate them, unless you're ready to set up the TB page and allow logs.  As you see, after activation, it's more complicated to transfer TBs to another person.

Most of your question seems to be about how to adopt someone else's activated TBs.  Here's a page about it.


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