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Alter cache type for unpublished cache

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We created and saved -but have not yet submitted - a new cache in order to check/save coordinates. We selected Traditional but now we see we have the room and potential for a Multi-.

what is the safest, most clear way to make the change? Specifically what’s the best order:

Should we submit the new multi- proposal and then archive the Traditional? If so should we add a reviewer note to the Traditional and/or the new multi  so it’s clear we aren’t “giving up” the location?

Alternatively, should we archive the Traditional with an explanatory note and THEN create the new multi listing?

This is on a new section of trail and we’d hate to lose the “spot” because a reviewer misunderstood our intentions.

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D’Oh. I don’t know why I remembered having an issue with this. I think I must have remembered getting the confirmation message: “changing cache type will erase any waypoints you may have created for your cache” some point in the past. Must have felt like I was going to have to “start over.” 

Thanks for patiently pointing out the very clear feature, lol.

part of the problem is I “live” on my mobile devices and only edit on my wife’s laptop so I don’t always remember the layout. I just jumped out of bed at 4 AM to check this, lol.

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