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Phatboyz Stop Hunger Geo-Hunt#1 Sunday Sept 14th


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Hey everyone I just updated the Cache website for the Phatboyz Stop Hunger Geo-Hunt#1. Made a few changes and wanted to share them here. We are now starting at 11:00am and going to 5:00pm. We are still working on details, but we do have 17 caches that will be submitted to become real caches. It's a good chance to knock out 17 caches in one day.


The caches range from a 1/1 to 3/3 with one 4/1.5 that I am really hoping no one finds on the first day.


If you have some free time, come play. If you would just like to meet up with other Geocachers we will meet at 10:30am at Titlow Park in Tacoma, and again at 5:00pm at Round Table in University Place.


Hope to see you on the 14th.

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Originally posted by CachinCin:

Blankjeff and I are thinking about driving down for the day. Anyone have a time estimate for the drive from Redmond to Tacoma?





Well, if traffic is going smoothly, it will take you probably 40 minutes to get to Tacoma. Now, I live in Kenmore and one time it took me 3 hours to get there because the freeway was blocked due to a terrible accident...only one lane was free.


It usually takes me 1 hr 15 minutes to get to Olympia..best time was 55 minutes with some speeding.

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Tossass, Bilbo19 and I are placing all the caches this week. We have them all planned out, and read to go. I will post a more complete list here tomorrow, but cachers will be hunting for 20 caches (3 virtual, 3 multi-caches, 1 mystery cache and the rest look to be traditional) This may change a little, but there will be 20 caches. Let's hope for some clear weather.

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These are the caches we have set up right now, the other three will be done tomorrow. Hope to see you Sunday.


Phatboyz 1/4 mile Race Way 4/1

Phatboyz A Whale of a Good Time 1/1

Phatboyz Big Fat Run Around 2/1

Phatboyz Building in Progress 3/1

Phatboyz CAF 1/1

Phatboyz Celebration Time 1.5/1

Phatboyz Fishing Hole 3/3

Phatboyz Fort 1.5/2.5

Phatboyz LOTR - Two Towers 1.5/2

Phatboyz Lovers Lane 2/2

Phatboyz MM 3/1.5

Phatboyz Not Vine Time… but Close 3/1

Phatboyz Please Don't Eat Me 1.5/1

Phatboyz Seattle Head Stone 1/1

Phatboyz Shoe Tie 1/1

Phatboyz VFIL 1/1

Phatboyz Waterin' Hole ?/?


These might change a little, but that is what we have planned right now, this minute.


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I know this is last minute, and I don't mean to change the rules or anything like that, but if someone wanted to do this on their own, they are still welcome to hunt. We just think that the day would be a lot easier if there were two of you. Just don't crash while you are putting in your waypoints. The whole point of this event was to have fun and help some other people out. So please come out and play.




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Here is a link to the details.


I'd like to also know where & when to meet and what to do if you have to show up late.


I'd suggest a clipboard for signin and for matching up those who need teammates.


Travis, if we make it there you can always join Sherri (Sherkanz) and me & the kids& Otto, but with the kids it tends to be slow going. And extra adult might just offset the handicap.


I may get to see ya'll.


"I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"


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WOW, that was fun. Sorry it took me so long to post a note, but I was trying to catch up on everything I missed last week. Team Phatboyz really want to thank everyone that came out. We did a great job raising food. We had over 80 items and $30 that we could give to NWH. THANKS EVERYONE YOU DID A GREAT JOB.


We had fun planning it, and it seems everyone had a great time.



Team Phatboyz

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The following caches have been approved and are ready to log or go hunt.


Phatboyz Lovers Leap

Phatboyz LOTR - Two Towers

Phatboyz Fishing Hole

Phatboyz Waterin' Hole


Note: Phatboyz Manitou Mini will be relocated. Too many people knew where it was.


Also the 5 gallon bucket for the Phatboyz Fort, is missing. It will be replaced with a smaller cache, and we will let you know when.

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Here is the list that has been aproved:


Phatboyz Lovers Leap

Phatboyz LOTR - Two Towers

Phatboyz Fishing Hole

Phatboyz Waterin' Hole

Phatboyz View of the Lighthouse

Phatboyz Midland Cache

Phatboyz Celebration Time

Phatboyz Shoe Tie


I have one more to put out and Bilbo19 has 7. Should be done next week. THANKS EVERYONE


Kiltsurfer of Team Phatboyz

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