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GeoCoin Tracking Number Question

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I found a cache in Vienna that contained four geocoins, all the same, all with the same number.

I took one and logged it.   The only log option was to "Discover" it.

In my log I said I would move it along, and the owner replied to me that there was no need to move it, that I could just keep it as  souvenir, and let my friends "discover" it.

There have been several entries in the coin log since I picked it up.

I would like to do something similar, and make my own coins and pass them out as souvenirs, all with the same tracking number.

I asked HQ for some help on this and they said that wasn't how they recommended using coins..   and every coin should have a unique tracking number...


I'm relatively new to caching, and this is very confusing...



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Not sure if it's been changed, but we know of a couple folks who had multiple trackables sent out with the same code, and they finally got locked.  Now just tokens as swag I guess.

 - I believe it's when others ask HQ "what the heck..." and the trackable(s) become a nuisance.   :)

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That is pretty unusual (referring to the way that the other user is handling the codes).

The intent of geocoin (and travel bugs) are to travel/move and be logged by users that have picked them up and dropped them off - or discovered them at an event or in a cache.

Having multiple coins with the same number would be a nightmare of logs with one person picking up the coin and noting that it was dropped off in cache X in the United States (for example). Then another user picking up a separate coin with the same number would log that they picked it up in cache Y in the Netherlands (again, for example) and the tracking on that page would show it jumping from the US to the Netherlands because the system thinks one code = one coin.

For signature items, I don't (personally) see the need for tracking numbers. If they are just going to be picked up and collected why the need for tracking at all?

Just food for thought...

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