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T/B would like to visit Microsoft Campus.


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I am writing to ask if anyone would be willing to take "Dougal the Dog" on a tour of the Microsoft Campus. He would love to be pictured beside a Lucite "Ship-It" award, and with some of the happy minions busily coding the future.


I hope someone can help.


Thank you,



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I can take Dougal around the MScampus, or at least have my husband do it, but there won't be any photos of minions or shipping awards. As with many corporations, there are no pictures allowed in MS buildings.


Perhaps some photos by some of the MSshuttles...or in front of some of the big Microsoft signs?



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Not allowed? Well, maybe. But I suspect that someone could take a photo like the one described by Meriadoc. I know that photos from inside MS do exist, and some even make it to the gc web site. Here's a very exciting one, for instance:




There is a geocache VERY er...close to the MS campus. See Sawmill a.k.a. Your Browser's Cache.




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Yeah, but recently there have been a couple of highly publicized instances where employees have been fired for posting photos to blogs and web sites.


On the other hand, the travel bug coulld visit Sawmill...or even one of ours, MSmicro (where you could take photos of a traffic jam of minions on their way to work in the morning). I'll try to get the travel bug when I'm in the city tomorrow -- at least bring it on over to Redmond to get it a bit closer to the MScampus. icon_smile.gif



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