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Gadget Caches For Beginers

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I'm starting this thread to share many easy and simple ways to make intresting and amazing gadget caches. What is a gadget cache? A gadget cache is a special geocache where the geocacher must do something special to get the logbook. It might be a bird house with a lock that you have to use magnets to find the code. Or maybe it's even electric and you have to play a game to get the log. All of these are examples of gadget caches. There some of the best geocaches in our game. But I know it can seem daunting and impossible to make one. That's why I've made this thread. Here I will share some of the easiest ways you can make a gadget cache. Anyone can make a gadget cache with a little bit of time a creativity. If you need a way to rack up favorite points look no farther. Just know gadget caches are special, and if you want to make one you will need to put some effort in and maintain it. Each cache will be ranked on a difficulty scale from 1 to 5. 5 being the hardest to make. Just know all ideas here are easy to make. Copy them exactly or just use the concept to make your own. You can use these ideas any way you like. Read on to find some ideas that will help you make a gadget cache. I recommend finding some gadget caches in your area if you can. It will help you get a sense of how they are built. If your looking for some good ones to find in Colorado try my gadget cache trail. https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?code=BM3Z7K4

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The 2 by 4 puzzle

Maker rating: 2

Materials: a small block of 2 by 4. Can be found at Home Depot. Wooden dowels.(rods) Can also be found at Home Depot. Masking tape. Drill and a drill bit the same size of your dowels. Geocache contain large enough to hold the puzzle. Lock. A container that the lock can lock up holding the logbook.



Drill holes in the top of the 2 by 4. You should have a number of holes equal to your lock. So a 3 digit lock would have 3 holes. Each hole should be wide enough to hold the dowels. Vary the depth of each hole by a lot. So in some holes the hole is deeper.

(you can see this step in photo 1. I only used two holes as I was using a special lock.)

Next take the dowels and cut them down into smaller pieces. Make sure that when some are placed into the holes the tops are level. Because each hole is a different depth you will have to cut the solution dowels different lengths. Have the others be random  sizes. So when the three correct dowels are in the right holes all the tops of them are level. But when the incorrect ones are placed in or the right ones in the wrong order the tops are all different heights.

(photo 2 shows solution and photo 3 shows the wrong solution)

Now tape the tops of the dowels with masking tape so some hangs over giving you a space to write on.

Write the lock combo on the solution dowels pieces of tape. So when all the dowels are placed in the holes in the correct order so all the tops of them are level it spells out the combo. Then place random numbers on the others.

Place all parts of the puzzle in a bag and then in the cache. When someone finds it they have to figure out the dowels go in the holes. Then figure out the dowels must be level to give the solution. The hard part is people will probualy look for the same sized dowels. But because the depth of the holes in the 2 by 4 is different on each this won't give them the solution. Finding the solution will give them access to the log.


Go out and hide it in a save space where it won't be muggled.

Wait for the fav points to roll in.



There are a few things you can do to step this cache up. Please not some of this is not beginner stuff.

Buy a cheap level and place it in the cache to give the cachera a clue that the dowels must be level to give the solution.

Build a fake bird house and place the puzzle inside. Mabye even make them solve another puzzle to get inside the bird house.

Add multiple 2 by 4s with holes in them to make an extra challenge to find the right one, and the solution dowels.

hide separate parts of the puzzle in different containers around ground zero. So you have to find all the parts before you can solve the problem.image.thumb.jpg.c639093a45a36d82cf9d0626e7d6efc8.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.1c76e0960b673825612a0318f92d7544.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.642abd68c202691854ebd807420fc6d0.jpg

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Follow the sound

Maker rating: 3

This cache is a electric gadget cache. The main component is a key finder. You give the cacher the remote and they use it and follow the sound of the key finder. It leads them to the log.


For this cache you will need a key finder. It needs to have a remote that gets the key tag to ring. I recommend this one: https://www.amazon.com/Uniclife-Wireless-Locator-Control-Receivers/dp/B01N3UQ24A/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1517095538&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=Key+finder&psc=1

You will need a few containers. One for the remote and instruction, and a few others depending on what variant you use.


There are many ways you can use this idea. The basics are this:

Place the remote in a container with some instructions.

place the key finder(s) in another container(s).

Hide it


variant one :

The first variant is you place multiple containers with a key finder in each. Have one of them contain the log book while the others have a note that reads: better luck next time.


variant two:

place the remote in a container at the start of a trail. Tell the cacher they need to walk up the trail and keep pressing the button. At some point the cache will beep. Place the cache with all four key finders in it near the trail. So when the cacher is walking along past it and press the button it will beep.


variant three:

chain the remote down in the container so it can't be moved from its spot. Chain down a container with one of e key tags in it. Make it so the players can't see which one. Have them be far enough apart that someone pressing the button can't hear the beep. But close enough the key finder will get the signal. 

On each of the buttons place a set of cordanates. The button that beeps the key finder in the box place the cordanates of the final cache.

The solution is teamwork. One person must press the buttons while another is at the key finder box listening for it. When they figure out what button rings the key finder they can go to the corresponding cordanates.


These are only a few ways to use this idea. Mabye try coming up with your own. There are so many possibilities.

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image.thumb.jpg.de70b1e5b75905f4af327313be177d0b.jpgMarble Maze

Maker rating: 1


Marble money maze: https://www.amazon.com/Lumiparty-Intellectual-Challenging-Christmas-Teenagers/dp/B01MD12CB1/ref=sr_1_26_sspa?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1517096208&sr=1-26-spons&keywords=Marble+money+maze&psc=1

Contaner to hold the maze


Unlock the maze and place in the log book.

Relock maze.

Place maze in cache.

Hide the cache.

Its really that simple!

How it works is when a cacher finds it the door to the log is locked. The cacher must solvle the maze and when the marble gets to the end it unlocks the box giving access to the log book.

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I like your ideas; thanks for starting this thread. 


Here's my first gadget cache, called, originally, Gadget Cache 001.  The "top" is glued shut and fake latches attached.  The "bottom" is what opens. 

Gadget 001 top.jpg

Gadget 001 opened.jpg

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