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Bluto = Igor71?? The nation speaks!


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Sadly enough, yes.


Had a great time partying with Oregone, Fractal, LaurenCat, Joe - and everyone else I can't remember. Met up with some Eugene geocachers after the toga party. My first geocaching event in many moons.


Might be up for the Halloween event if the stars are in allignment.


This is Bluto...er...Igor71, signing off.

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Yeah....the Animal House thing was pretty hilarious. Fractal, Oregone, LaurenCat, Bodoni@Co. were staying at the same motel.


Here's a synopsis of the experience.


Went down with my brother early on Saturday to attend the 25-year anniversary of Animal House in Cottage Grove. Since I love the film, it looked like a good chance to kick back in a toga and maybe have a little fun.




Ended up winning a John Belushi look-a-like contest - and spent the rest of the day talking to the media, cruising around in a parade and posing for snapshots with many of toga-wearing masses. It was NUTS!


Being Belushi-for-a-day was some of the most physically exhasting work I've ever done. I was interviewed by no less than three newspaper reporters, a documentary film crew, MTV and the Eugene NBC affiliate. During the parade, I climbed on floats, accosted the marching band, zipped around on the back of a scooter, and was given license (by no less than the Cottage Grove police chief) to stagger around with an open container - screaming "TOGA, TOGA!".


My brother got much of this on video. ;-)


After the parade, I hung out with Animal House screenwriter Chris Miller, caught a screening of Animal House (that became an interactive experience like Rocky Horror) and hung out (along with my fellow PDX geocachers) at an evening concert that featured The Kingsmen and Otis Day and the Knights (the cover band from Animal House). The organizers were planning on registering this event as the World's Largest Toga Party. They weren't kidding. At one point, I was up on stage leading a toga-wearing crowd of 2500 in the toga chant. I must have posed for photos with about 600 people.


Suffice it to say, I had my beer covered.


By the end of Saturday night, AP had picked up the "Toga party" story and I ended up in the Washington Post and on the CNN website.


Believe it or not, this "party animal" crashed at midnight.


The next morning, I had breakfast with Otis Day and couple band members. As I munched on raisin bran, Otis went on about a nightmare he had while on sleeping pills.....something about his friends turning into midget creatures and chasing him. He said he woke up trying to climb a wall.


After the previous night, I couldn't blame him.



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