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You have been invited...

Dr. Isotope

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The gadget is in the final stage of assembly.

The campground has been reserved.

The plan is known.


Now all I need to do, is invite you all to my little party:


Broken Arrow


Come join me, and celebrate the beginning of my plan. And yes, Voss... Even you are invited. In fact, you can bring those schematics you stole. I'm sure the good Geocachers could use those if they wish to stop me.

You might be wondering why I'm giving you a chance to stop my plan... I'll reveal that bit of information on the day of the event.


Who can you trust?


-Dr. Isotope

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You may have identified a location and time, my worthy adversary, but I shall identify your destruction.


It is good to see a few brave souls, willing to throw down the nuclear gauntlet with me. They join my cause, for they know the truth. Plus, if they dont, they will have to pull 2X as much ivy to absolve their sins.


Remember Doctor, He who controls the flow of information, controls the situation.


Guess what type of information I have...

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