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Large Coin Collection for Sale

Son of Cyclops
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Hello everyone!

I am Son of Cyclops and started collecting geocoins back in 2005.  Throughout my caching I collected a lot of coins but due to my interest being elsewhere and life getting in the way of geocoins and geocaching. I am selling off the last of my collection.

In total, I have 543 coins on the Google Sheets list which I have attached in 3 different binders and a box.  I would prefer to see if I can sell the entire collection to one person or if I can break it up in large portions that would be ok as well.  A small portion of the trackable coins are activated and I can transfer these to you.

If your interested in specific coins, we can talk about prices.  But if I sold the entire collection to someone (to reduce the work on selling them off in smaller portions), I would ask $1800 obo.  Not sure what the current market is for geocoins but this prices out to about $3.30 a coin which I feel is reasonable.

Again if you are interested in smaller groups of coins or individual ones, we can talk.  Some of the coins are more special which I listed below (although they are copied onto the list in the link)

The Easter Coin Bunny (Blue and Red)
The Easter Coin Bunny (Green and Pink)
UF Gator Mystery
Pay it Forward Gold
GeoBandit Mystery
1markymark1 bronze 07
1markymark1 antique silver 07
Geocoin Club ROT13 Pure Silver Geocoin (Only one in public hands)




Thanks for the time and don't hesitate to ask any questions!

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There's a familiar "face". There are a number of folks from that time period (myself included) that have thinned out or sold their collections.

It was bittersweet for me, but in the end I was happy to get them into somebody's hands that would appreciate them, while keeping a small set of very personal coins for myself.

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