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Jack Geotour and Discover South Central TN Geotour

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We flew in Saturday and spent a few hours exploring Nashville before dinner at Martin's BBQ (trail partner). Spent the night at Henry Horton State Park (trail partner). Spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday traveling south as far as Sewanee, west as far as Lawrenceburg and North up to Lewis before heading back to Murfreesboro, hitting all the cities with coin caches in between. On Tuesday and Wednesday we even had time to do a hundred or so caches on the various power trails. We hit up as many trail partners as we could... food souvenirs, lodging... hardly any of the trail partners had heard about geocaching or the geotours so I saved our receipts for verification. Oh and if a cache/log/code was missing, the host of the tours accepted a picture for the passport. Most of the caches we encountered were in good shape... only a few missing. Had the most trouble in Columbia but we had accumulated enough points by then so it really didn't matter. Good times!!!

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On 1/10/2018 at 0:23 PM, mcjeeper and stukboy said:

Possible to do both GeoTours in 4 days? Traveling from PA Feb 3-7th. Some of the caches are in overlapping areas but the DSC TN tour seems more spread out. Will be staying at recommended hotels and dining for the extra passport points. Not familiar with TN, hence the inquiry. Thanks!

Now that I've done most of the SCTTA Geotour, I'm laughing at your post.  We spent 2 1/2 days on the tour and only got about 3/4 of the points needed. The problem is that I enjoy Waymarking so much, that it was really hard to NOT stop at every cemetery and NOT spend hours searching for centenarians once we were in a cemetery. I got distracted easily. In my defense, I was working on some Waymarking hunts simultaneously, but still.... if I wanted to finish the Tour in one trip to TN I should have worn blinders and not be allowed to see anything but the cache location. I really hope I can go back to finish the tour, but if not, we had a great time and discovered beautiful Tennessee!  Most of the locations had not heard of geocaching, but some had and were very excited to be a part of it.  We had a great time.

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Just an update.

Before March, TN was one of the states I had never yet visited, and it was the geotour that got me to convince my husband to go there during Spring Break. We didn't finish the tour.

So.... thought I never thought it would happen, we went BACK two months later to finish the SCTTA Geotour and do the Jack Geotour. We worked hard for those! Thousands of miles of driving, over a week of hotel stays,  lots of purchases at the wineries (don't miss Amber Falls, it's fantastic!), and lots of stops along the way that were mentioned in the tours.

Our first trip we had temps at freezing with flurries of snow. The second trip I wore shorts and flip flops most of the time. Tennessee is beautiful, and I am so glad we did the tours. Today I received my two coins, and they are way nicer and bigger than I imagined.  So thank you, TN, for the two outstanding GeoTours that brought me to your state.


My next goal is to convince my husband and maybe the kids to fly to the NW and do the Montana geotour. I better start saving up.

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