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Importing Geocaches into older Delorme PN-20, PN-30, PN-40, and PN-60 devices


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I've noticed I'm not the only one still using, and still loving, an older Delorme device around here and saw a few other people asking how to import geocache files into their devices. Well for now forget the "Click and Import" plug-ins through your browser. As far as I can tell the browser plug-ins don't work.

I have a PN-60w and a PN-30 camo and have a work around using Topo USA, browsing your device under Windows, or an SD Card reader.

From the "Map" view in geocaching.com, click on the cache icon you want to find and it will open a dialog box describing the cache. Now click on the name of the cache at the top right which takes you to the actual web page for the cache. Next, download it as a GPX file and save it to your Download folder on your computer. Open Topo USA, click on the "Draw" tab, click on "File", and then "Import". Browse to your Download folder, click on the GPX file, and click open. Topo USA will import it as a Waypoint LAYER and from there you can install it how you like on the device, either through an SD card reader or through the Topo USA Exchange. It's not the best option as some of the earlier devices were limited on the number of Waypoints. But it's still better than trying to manually add them or being completely stuck. 

If you don't have Topo USA you can still use an SD card reader to copy and paste the GPX file into your "Waypoint" folder. Set your device to "Open SD Card" under the "Settings", "Connect my Computer" screen of your PN series device. If you prefer to install your waypoints on the internal drive then choose "Open Internal Drive".

**Using an SD card reader is BY FAR the easiest and fastest way to import your files. Sometimes Topo USA just gets stuck "Copying..." in the Exchange dialog box. If it does get stuck cancel out and then make sure you are clicking on the Waypoint file and not the Waypoint Layer. You have to click the "+" symbol beside the Waypoint layer to expand the layer and then you can click on the actual file. Once the file is highlighted Topo Exchange will send it right over.

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The send to GPS still works with Internet Explorer 11. Granted that it causes a few problems at times, but it does work.

Also There was a patch for TOPO that would let you log in to geocaching.com and do a pocket query. Garmin has since closed that

patch down as well as all Delorme help. But I have a copy of the patch. as well as the send to GPS plugin. But like I said the plugin only works with IE11.

Then using TOPO to bring it into the map. this method also fixes any 1A hex issues.

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So let me clarify A patch for TOPO North America 10. It may also work for 9. That patch will allow you to login to geocaching.com through TOPO.

Then you run a pocket query. then import it directly into the TOPO software. from there you would load it into your PN 60,40,30 but most likely not the 20.

The send to GPS plugin is a separate item that gets installed into IE 10 or IE 11 only. The send to GPS plugin will work for all Delorme PN units.

I currently run both they work fine.


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