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Wednesday night summer cache crew - 7/30/03


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Yet again it is time,

but this time, no more rhymes...


Because... it's time for video games, margaritas, and beer!


Once again, 7pm Top Score and Maya's at 8pm?


Personally, I know that I NEED one of those beef, onion, garlic, wrap, thingees... that thing ruled!


Hope you all can make it!


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What's with the dadgum Wednesday night thing still. Tonight, I'll be at Casa De Pico in Bazzar Del Mundo drinking the best dadgum margaritas north of the border. Fractal, you've never tasted the real thing. Oh, did I mention it's in old town San Diego. I think I'll go for a hunt in Presidio Park across the street while the gang is waiting for a table. Armando and Co. have an old cache there I could use to build up a thirst. Let's say 8'ish. Who's coming? Anyone, anyone, Beuller?

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Either way is fine with me... we did end up at Cassidy's last time after a bit of night time caching. Maya's... Cassidy's... both have beer and liquor... heh heh... icon_smile.gif


I have to admit though, I was a bit disappointed that Cassidy's didn't have a 'late night' methadone show... apparently you have to get there early for that one.


BUT, I was relieved that we got to see another episode of 'Cassidy's Late Night-Drive Thru Service.' icon_biggrin.gif

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