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Animal sanctuaries

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Interesting idea. Last summer we visited the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas. We had a private tour of a large part of the property including many details about the animals that they had - big cats, buffalo, horses, even cows. http://www.fundforanimals.org/blackbeauty/about/?credit=web_id659930364

Some sanctuaries are very welcoming of the public, others might be less accessible (sometimes with good reason). In those cases there might be a sign and a building close to the road that can be photographed, but everything else (including all the animals) will be far back from the road and out of sight.

What about animal rehab centers? They take in animals but only until they can be released into the wild. Would you consider allowing those as well (I don't see how they fit into any other existing categories). That would increase the number of potential waymarks to the category.

Do you plan to accept any type of animal sanctuary? Wild animals, domesticated animals, reptiles, etc?

Sometimes it might be harder to distinguish between a rescue and a sanctuary (or, you find a place that does both). For example, I was looking at the website for http://www.ralphysretreat.ca/about-us and read " Founded in 2004, we provide a safe haven for abused, abandoned and neglected pot-bellied pigs, cats, dogs and farm animals.  " and a little later read " Founded in 2004, our sanctuary was predominantly for equines.  Over the years we have saved over 100 horses, ponies, and donkeys and placed many in loving homes. Others are still part of the sanctuary today. "

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