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Nearby Events bugs

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I just noticed that I could setup the search radius in the "Nearby Events widget". Great ! Too bad it doesn't seem to be working :(


1. I set the radius on 1km

=> I can see two events : 2 km and 6 km from home (!) + a mega event some 400km from home. All others are hidden 

2. I change the radius to 5-10-20km

=> Same results

3. I change the radius to 50 km

=> I can see events up to more than 100km from home

4. I change the radius to 100 km

=> I can see events up to more than 250km from home !

5. I select a 20km radius on a date I know an event in the radius that I attended. Then I click on that date, then "Search events". There should be one hit, but there's none, although all filters are set to "All".

6. I select a 100km radius on a date , then a date where there are 2 events below 100km, another 102 km far and, according the the link below, "5 more" to view. If I click on that link, I cannot see those 5 more events, but only the 2 that are inside the 100km radius.

7. I select a 100km radius

=> there are no events in January ! There are some if I choose 50km, none of which is actually inside the radius.


That seems a little untested, doesn't it ?

Thanks in advance for making it work correctly.


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