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How do you find a cache when you are in a different country?

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I travelled to Canada last week from New York State.  As soon as I crossed the border, I could not access the geocache map, because I do not have international calling on my iPhone.  I really wanted to drop off a couple of travel bugs in Canada.  Fortunately, we stayed with a friend, and I used her internet to find the cache that was nearby, and I was able to find the cache that way.  But, when we travel in Canada again, how can I geocache when I do not have a phone connection (without exorbitant costs)?

Thanks!  Carolyn

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When I'm traveling and have time to plan ahead, I often load a pocket query and/or a bookmark list of potentially interesting caches to my device(s) (an Android phone and/or an eXplorist GPSr). That includes "traveling" to places just a half hour away that have no cell coverage.

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Oh man, I was so tempted to answer thread title, "by couch logging" :laughing:

No. But really, please don't. :P


But seriously, yeah you'd need a device or app that would save data offline. GPS doesn't require roaming data, so also either a device that is just GPS, or a phone that lets you use GPS while having no data connection.  Combine offline geocache data with your GPS and you should be golden.

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When I took my phone on a short trip outside the US recently, I avoided international roaming charges by getting a limited international data plan through my carrier (I think it was AT&T Passport).  That let me call and text as well for less than regular international roaming.  Which was helpful, as we were meeting friends who were on a sailboat and had to rely on texts and calls to link up.

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Those travel plans are priced high enough to be profitable, but just low enough to entice people to use them, for the convenience.  I understand the data speeds can be quite slow, throttled on purpose to save money for your phone company.

I typically pay about $1/day (thin Canadian dollars) when I buy a local SIM in a foreign country for a few weeks.  (I've got a teeny little pile of 'em.)

And to re-answer the original question, just load your maps and caches in advance.  All the good caching apps support that.  But having a data plan can be handy if you need to download extra logs or spoiler pictures if you're having trouble with a cache.

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I just cached offline while on a Caribbean cruise.  Had my phone in airplane mode the whole time.  Granted, I used Cachly, but you can accomplish the same thing following the link posted by AnnaMoritz.  It worked great for me.  I was able to find a few caches, collect a DNF :mad: and save my logs as pending which then uploaded as drafts when I got back to the US.  I then completed my logs at home.  All my logs were in the order I found them and it worked flawlessly.  You just need to plan ahead.  Make a list of the caches you'd like to find and save them to a list and be sure to download the list for offline use before leaving the country if using the official app.  I just tested this using the official app at my desk in airplane mode with no WiFi and it works great.  

I also use this method when I know I'll be going into the woods and might lose service.  I just move the map pointer in the app to the area I'll be in and save all the visible caches to a list available for offline use while I still have LTE service.  That way, if I do lose reception, I'll still have access to caches to find.  When I'm done I just delete the list. 

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