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Cache translation from English to Norsk

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Hello Norwegian cachers,

Lady Pinguin and myself visited Norway on several occasions and the last time we found an amazing canyon near Voss, which was perfect for an Earthcache. We created one (GC79E19) and after some conversations with the reviewer it is now ready and accepted. But since the Earthcache in placed in Norway it is only normal that the cache page is also in Norwegian. Unfortunately we don't speak Norwegian and I really don't want to use Google translate.
Is there a Norwegian cacher out there who would like to translate our cache? Of course we will credit you on the cache page.

Best regards,

Lady Pinguin & Ogima, The Netherlands

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I don't get how you even got that published, the guidelines require the description to have the local language.

But it looks like a nice earthcache! :D I will forward your request to the Norwegian earthcache group, and if nobody can help you, I can do it myself when I find some spare time :) 

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I was fortunate enough to have Sladdeballa's help to initially translate our earthcache at Nærøyfjord.   I updated the logging questions today using Google translate, but they are likely not correct.  Could someone please take a look at the logging questions and provide edits?


Logging this cache:
1. In your log, post the following:
a. How did you get there?
b. (Optional) Post a photo with your GPSr (and you, too, if you like!) near the listed coordinates.

2. Use the "send message" link in our profile and copy and paste these questions, along with your answers. Please do not post the answers in your log, even if encrypted.
b. How thick was the ice sheet that covered Scandanavia during the last ice age? How much did the land rebound after the ice retreated?
c. Look around as you travel through the fjord. Name at least two signs of glacial erosion that you see.

For at du skal kunne innkassere ett funn på denne Earthcachen, må du gjøre følgende:

1. I loggen vår må du poste:
a. Hvordan du kom hit.
b. Ikke nødvendig, men vi vil gjerne at du poster bilde av deg med GPS'en så nær koordinatet som mulig.

2. Send oss en e-post med følgende informasjon:
a. Ca navnet på denne Earthcachen: Nærøyfjord.
b. Hvor tykt var isen som dekket Scandanavia i siste istid? Hvor mye gikk landet tilbake etter isen, trakk seg tilbake?
c. Se deg rundt mens du reiser gjennom fjorden. Gi minst to tegn på iskjerning som du ser

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1 hour ago, hzoi said:

For å logge denne cachen:
1. Svar på følgende spørsmål i loggen din:
a. Hvordan kom du deg hit?
b. (Frivillig) Last opp et bilde av din GPS/telefon (du må gjerne være med, hvis du vil) nær de oppgitte koordinatene.

2. Bruk "Send melding"-linken på vår profil, og lim in disse spørsmålene sammen med svarene dine. Ikke legg svarene i loggen din, selv ikke kryptert.
a. Navnet på denne earthcachen: Nærøyfjord

b. Hvor tykk var islaget som dekket Skandinavia i den siste istiden? Hvor mye løftet landet seg etter at isen trakk seg tilbake?
c. Se deg rundt mens du reiser gjennom fjorden. Navngi minst to tegn på iserosjon, som du kan se her.

Google Translate did not do a very good job. It would have been understandable, but that's about it.

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16 minutes ago, thomfre said:
19 minutes ago, hzoi said:

... if you'd like to help me out.

I probably should have mentioned that the quote in my previous post is my translation of the questions :P


Ah.  I see that now.  :laughing:


The offer stands either way - email or PM me your mailing address.  

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