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Missoula Rocks

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I'm a Butte Boy (please don't hold it against me) who has lived in California for the last 20 years. I'm in Butte on a two week family business trip, and managed to get only one day to go geocaching.


So I headed to Missoula, with information on 15 caches. A late start and a lot of road work meant I only got into town right around noon, so I only managed to visit 11 sites (of which I found 9 caches).


I live near one of the highest cache densities in the US (and a pretty high population density). There are a lot of good creative cache hiders in my area, and I've enjoyed a wide range of adventures finding caches.


Missoula caching is as good as any I've encountered, and I'd like to thank all of the Missoula geocache hihders who helped make my Thursday afternoon a pleasant range of geocaching activity.


Marty Fouts


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I'm glad you enjoyed your geocaching tour though Missoula. Personally, I much enjoyed reading your logs on the caches you visited ( I've got them all on my watch list), especially your difficulties with Urban Safari. Thanks for the compliments. We'll be sure to have more of the same ready for you on your next trip through, and if you give us a little notice, we might use that as a good excuse for an event cache. Heck, any out-of-town cachers comming through is excuse enough for me to drink beer! icon_smile.gif



"We never seek things for themselves -- what we seek is the very seeking of things."

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)



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Many thanks for the kind words, Marty! It's nice to hear the perspective of a non-local on our local caches. I'm sure that we'll all do our best to keep working on new and interesting caches. Notify us next time you're coming through and we'll whip up an event cache (likely involving beer) in honor of your visit. ;-)

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