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New Charlie Chaplin Geocoin

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We are pleased to announce that we have recently received kind approval from Chaplin family for commemorative geocoin dedicated to Charlie Chaplin. As big movie fans we are really happy, idea for this geocoin is in our sketchbook for quite some time.

This black&white film frame shaped geocoin is available in two editions - glow-in-dark for dark auditoriums of movie theaters, and film negative LE.



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1 hour ago, speakers-corner said:

A good looking coin, what are the Prices for the coins please?

Prices are

  • Reguar Edition 13,43 $
  • Limited Edition 15,50 $

Please note that if you are within EU we need to add VAT - prices then will be 13 € for RE and 15 € for LE.

We ship worldwide.

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