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Reverse Wherigo creation

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Hi, we recently completed the Reverse Cache - Beta by Waldmeister which, on completion provides a code to allow another person to create their owe Reverse style Wherigo anywhere in the world.

We have taken a screen shot of the code and also the instructions for creation of the new one.  The instructions state we should go to the GZ, re-open the cartridge and select 'create a Wherigo' from the menu.  The only problem is that we are not seeing that option in the menu.  The Wherigo was completed in the UK and we are now in Cyprus where we wish to create the new Reverse Wherigo.

We have start location and final location co-ords and the hide is in place.

I have downloaded Urwigo and located some open source codes for another Reverse cache but even after unzipping the gwz file the lua file is not being recognised by Urwigo.

We have also written to the owner of the original one but have not received any reply.

Grateful for any help that can be given.


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To reproduce the way how to check the distance to a zone (or point) you could download the "Testsuite" from Wherigo.com, german or english. I have packed the urwigo source into the the gwz archive (its to open as a zip).

DE : http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=9ae24abd-7e18-466f-99f8-97899f3d95e0

EN : http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=676f945a-4fb0-43da-b6d4-fc192757cb7a

Now look for the item "Bearing" or "Peilometer" and the timer "Checkposition" how it works. Its very simple and you actually need only the function for distance measurement as shown in the snapshot attached. These you can place for example as a command of an item "Measurement".


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