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Highlighting in Gsak?

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I have a pq in gsak where i have a load of solved mystery caches which have corrected coords.


Does anyone know if there is a way to highlight these before they are transferred to your gps.

Other wise there is know way of distinguishing which i have solved and which i have not solved once they are on the gps.


FYT i use a Montana 650t



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If you updated the co-ords in GSAK (rather than amending them on the cache page, which I don't do , so I can't tell you anything about !) there is a column you can enable called the corrected co-ordinates indicator which shows a yellow triangle for changed co-ords.


Whilst they show on the GSAK screen, once it's in my Garmin I don't see any flag . What I do is have my GSAK notes ( which you can see on the grid as the little squares with writing in ) included in the GPX file as the first log so I can look at the last few logs on the GPS to check it is a solved cache.

I generally load the GPS with a GPX file of 'all solved/updated co-ords but unfound' caches , then exclude puzzles from the query I make for the area and upload a separate GPX file of trads, multis etc .That way I know any puzzle is actually at the given co-ords.

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A couple more thoughts, you can mark any cache you want to with a tick in the 'user flag' column, and a right click on the cache name (or anywhere else in the row) will give you many options including the ability to change the colour of either the whole row or just that  part of it, and a range of colours to choose from. 

When you search, it is possible to select for caches with a tick in the user flag column, but I don't think you can search based on the colour of the entry. I identify challenge caches by making them a specific colour, and challenge caches I've qualified for by adding a tick, then I can search for '?' caches with the word challenge in the title and a user flag, and upload them to the GPS in their own GPX file.

You'd probably get more help on the GSAK forums than here , I'm an amateur,  they  are experts ...

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