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Garmin Oregon 600 No Finds

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Garmin Oregon 600 Software Version 5.10

I've had a Garmin Oregon 600 for about 4 years now & it's been working fine. Recently (last month or so) I've not been able to export my finds into GSAK for publishing logs. (This is not a GSAK issue.) More telling is that when I try to see how many finds for a particular date in the Calendar function of the GPSr, it shows "No records for Date" which is clearly incorrect. Oddly, a view of "Show Found" provides the full list of finds as expected.

I've looked at the D:\Garmin\geocache_visits.txt file on the Garmin. It exists and has my most recent finds recorded. Here is the tail (nulls stripped for readability)

GC7E6E5,2017-11-05T05:28Z,Found it,"Tr"
GC6K15E,2017-11-05T05:36Z,Found it,""
GC2HZ48,2017-11-05T05:59Z,Found it,""
GC702R8,2017-11-09T10:51Z,Found it,""

So I'm at a loss as to why this is happening. 

Oregon has latest firmware patch 5.10 (up from 5.08 from memory) and I have done a "reset all settings", but no luck.

Anybody seen this before or have any suggestions ?


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Resolved. I just renamed geocache_visits.txt to geocache_visits_old.txt & restarted my GPSr, logged a find with my GPS and sure enough, geocache_visits.txt was recreated OK and I can now see my finds. I guess the old file was corrupted.

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You can just open the text file and go through the list of caches, at least one line will have an error. It may be as simple as an extra space. I had this happen once when my 600 crashed when logging a cache on the unit.

If you didn't change any settings, GSAK keeps a copy of geocache_visits.txt (by date) when you "fetch from GPSr" in Publish Logs. This just in case you need to find the old data. It's in X:\users\xxxx\appdata\roaming\gsak  where X= your drive, xxxx= username and gsak the directoryname for GSAK.


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