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help required with Wherigo please

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Hi there I built a Wherigo cartridge with earwigo and sent it to compile with Wherigo

When I got the email back and downloaded it, it only had 4 locations on with media pictures, it did not have any text or questions to answer on  it

Went back in and edited it because I realised I hadn't used push the button to advance it, resent it to compile got the email and downloaded it,it was still the same

When I look at the Wherigo home page it is still says version 1.0, it as not changed all though I have tried it 3 times now and thought the version number would be 1.3?

Just wondered if anyone could either look at the cartridge for me or let me know where I am going wrong please

I have done






many thanks

Basil the labrador

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Okay so to check, you uploaded it to Wherigo.com on this page: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/upload.aspx

Every time a page is uploaded through this link it creates a new listing. If you want to upload a new version of the cartridge make sure to choose "upload GWZ file" from the main page of the Wherigo cartridge on Wherigo.com. Otherwise it will never go past v 1.0 because we will keep getting new listings. If you want send me the gwz file and I can try uploading it to see what is inside and if I get more than four zones.

From eariwgo.net, did you choose compile cartridge or are you using a compiler on the Wherigo.com site?



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Hi there Forest-Ghost

I used the compile option on the earwigo site

Will try what you have said, and if I get no further is it okay to send the cartridge to you as as allow other users to edit cartridge

If so would you need an email of what the cartridge should look like

many thanks basil the labrador

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Okay just to clarify, I believe the compile option on the earwigo website creates a GWC file. In order to upload to Wherigo.com you will need a GWZ or zip file. Have you tried the “write to GWZ” on earwigo and then uploaded that file?

Edited by Forest-Ghost

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Hi just done that now,

I have now sent version 1.1 to my phone

Will not be able to get there until tomorrow to test it out

Will let you know how we get a long, and if we need any more help

thank you


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Good morning Forest-Ghost

My Wherigo is still showing four locations but nothing else

It does now show the text on each location page

but it does not bring up the questions when you get to the locations

I am pretty sure that I have on each location added enter zone button press button and ask question

then user input

but none of this appears to be coming up

do I need to change the distance range from -1

and look at range and proximity

many thanks

basil the labrador

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Good Morning Basilthelabrador,


4 hours ago, basilthelabrador said:

It does now show the text on each location page

Are we talking about the zone description here or just the text of the questions when you enter the zone? Also, are your zones visible when you open the app or emulator?

There are a couple different things that can be going on. First, in order for a zone to be visible it needs to be marked as "active" and also as "visible." Typically I leave the range at -1. This ensure that if you are navigating to this zone it will always be visible. If you want the zone to only be visible from a certain distance then change this number to which ever distance you want but for now best to leave it at -1.

For inputs not showing. Inside the zone events there should be a "get input from the player" events under either "proximity" or "on enter."

Note, if you have the events under proximity, you'll want to make sure to give a generous proximity setting to the player. This means a wide area they will have to navigate to and still trigger the event. I recommend setting zone proximity to 7-10 meters. This is under the zone properties tab. If it is too small or the size of the zone is too small it will be difficult to navigate to this spot.  

The next step is to check the value of the input. In order to create a question in earwigo you'll need to setup an "if else" statement" and also variables for the answers. I can send more info. about setting up the input question as well.





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Hi thank you very much for replying

All the zones are visible when you open the app

I have the zones set as active and visible and -1

will have to take another look at the inputs for the questions

if you could send me a bit more info about setting up the input questions as well this may help

Many thanks Basil

this is what I am trying to do



N54 16 095 W000 24 800 start

Scarborough football club used to be in the football leagues and were one of the oldest football clubs

Founded in 1879

They were wound up on the 20th June 2007 with debts of £2.5 million

Their last ever game was against Hucknall town

Did they win?



                1-0 answer

Stage 2 N54 16 100 W000 24 845


The new club Scarborough Athletic was formed on 25th June 2007 following the winding up of Scarborough FC

After sharing a ground with Bridlington Town for 10 years they have finally moved home to Scarborough

The club will play 2017-18 in Northern Premier League Division 1 North the 8th tier of English football

Their nickname was

              Seadogs answer




Stage 3       N54 16 080 W00 24 951

Who scored Scarborough Athletics 1st ever?

 League goal at Teversall on 11th August 2007

Ian Thompson

                   Dave Thompson  answer

   Steve Thompson


Stage 4 N54 15 957 W000 25 013


This is where the old ground used to be


See if you can score a goal now yourself

You shoot it hits the left post

Then bounces across to the 2nd post






N54 15 923 W000 25 024



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sorry there are images which it as not attached to the file

which go under the title

under the start

under stage2

under stage 3

under where the old ground used to be

and see if you can score a goal now

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Okay, glad to help with setting up the input. I noticed you have one of the zones marked as the start, did you want the players to do the zones in a certain order? If so you will want to leave the start zone as active at the beginning and then after an input is answered make the next zone in the succession active and de-activate the previous zone.

You'll need to create an expression, a variable and an input. Create variable 1. Under the data properties put the correct answer to your first question "1-0" and leave it as a string. You'll need to create a separate variable for each question.

Next create an expression with a statement that says "Compare Variable:start == Constant:"1-0" You will also need to create a separate expressions for each of the other inputs. 

I created a separate message for zone with your text before the question. I next created an event in the message for your input. To create this, goto event properties and choose "get input" and then the name of your input. 

Now under the input, make sure your question is posed under "text" and not description. Under the input events choose if/else and then the expression you created for that zone. I also created a message to display to show the player they got the answer right and a separate message if they got the answer wrong. After the correct answer, set the next zone to become active. Under the message for if they got the answer incorrect, you'll also want to create a "get input" event which will repeat the input. This way the player won't get stuck if they don't answer the question correctly the first time. 


Hopefully this all helps, you might try reading through some of the earwig faq under " user inputs" section too as that is worded more clearly. Also, if your looking for an easier alternative that doesn't include the programming you might check out Wherigo kit. Its a very nice program for building wherigos that doesn't require any coding.

I created a mock up of the first two zones with an input using the info from your cartridge, I will email it to you from the message center if you want to see how I programmed the first part of your Wherigo.

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Hi Forest-Ghost

,  Struggling to get a view on what you sent me

I downloaded ti but can't get a view on it would love to see the mock up of the first two zones

I  did all the variables and expressions and started doing the inputs

then it came up bad expression and seemed to lose what I had done



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Okay, I will upload pics of what I did in earwigo. Just to check, did you try "download source" from the link I sent and then the "import" option on the earwigo home page? This will be the easiest way to look at the setup of the cartridge.


Here's what I did, first I setup a variable. Next I created an expression based upon the variable. Then I created three messages, one for correct answer, one for incorrect, and one for when the first player enters the zone. Next I created an input with multiple choice answers. Then I created an if/else statement for the input properties that says "if answer is correct show Correct message" if answer is false show "Incorrect Message."

Lastly I created an event for the incorrect message so that the starting input will be repeated if the player answers the question incorrectly.  




input propeties.jpg

input events.jpg

Incorrect input message event.jpg

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I forgot to mention that you will also need to setup the events to trigger "on Proximity" to the starting zone. I put the input event after the starting message.


zone events.jpg

zone properties.jpg

start message input event.png

Edited by Forest-Ghost

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Hi Forest-Ghost

Did what you said to do

so I sent it to Wherigo then emailed it to my phone

paid a visit to gz this morning before work

just a couple of issues to iron out

it still shows all the locations to begin with and will let you start from anyone of them including the final one and give you the final coordinates

At the start it gave me the correct answer 1st time then it wouldn.t give me the answer the second time

Also if you guess the question wrong it does not give you another go, it loses that location off the screen

you then have to return to start of game to try again, but I noticed it would let you carry on by just pressing the next location and it will fire up the next question there



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Hi Forest-Ghost

I think I have sorted out the two answers  which wouldn't give me correct, think they had extra punctuation marks

don't think the starting input worked if player answered incorrect

so I have made a message that says try again then after that put get player input

do you think this will do it

I just need a bit of advice on the locations all showing and being able to play from any location

Lastly will I then need to set up a completion code

many thanks



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Hi Basil,

Yes I think it is a good idea to have the "get input" after the "incorrect" message. Most question and answer cartridges are setup like this. If you would like to make only one zone visible at a time follow these steps.

1. Make sure the starting zone is the only zone with the "active" box checked.

2. On entering the starting zone, de-activate the start zone and call up the starting message and or input. I usually put the input as an event to the message.

3. After answering the input correctly, set zone 2 to active. 


For the completion code, one the player has gotten to the final point of the Wherigo (this is usually the final zone) you will want to create an event that says "Set Value..Cartridge..Name of Cartridge..Complete..True." You will also want to create a message and usually item with the completion code saved for the player. This faq does a good job explaining the completion code:






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Hi Forest-Ghost

sorry to trouble you again

I really thought I had got this over the line

but when I went to do the test run yesterday, I got to the start it fired up no problem and came up with the question and 3 choices of answer which it should, so I pressed the wrong answer on purpose and it let me have another go but it did not say not correct  and the same happened again for the other wrong answer

I pressed right answer it said correct

then ok

then try again

then ok

then it came up with next location

It did this at all locations except one which it let me try all answers and on right one said correct

ok then next location

just need to sort this bit out, if you can help please


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Hi basilthelabrador,

For some reason the screen shots did not send but I think I understand the issue. You are saying that when you answer incorrectly there is not a message to say incorrect?

If this is the problem, then it sounds like maybe you have not setup a separate message for an incorrect answer. Another possibility is that the if/else statement was setup in such a way that the variable always returns as true. This could also be a function of how the variable is setup. If you can resend the screen shots or email me the cartridge I can take a look at it.



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Good day to you

will email you the cartridge to look at

do I have to do this from the Wherigo site

if so I will need an email address for you

or do I tick let other users edit this cartridge on earwig manage cartridge page

if above how do I let you into it

have put photo on opening screen but have not sent this until the other slight bits are edited

many thanks



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Good morning,

I will pm you my email address. You'll want to include the .gwz file. If you prefer you can also upload the cartridge to a public file sharing site like drop box. It is possible to collaborate on earwigo with multiple users but I think this is best done with some type of shared account. I did this once with another Wherigo where me and another builder were working on a cartridge together.

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