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Earthcaches: Local Language


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Hi everyone.
I would like to share with you a big problem that is affecting earthcaches in my country.
I live in Italy, and the GeoAware who reviews the earth caches doesn't speak italian, the local language. 

In the last months, a great amount of earthcaches were published by tourists. The main problem is that most of these earth caches have an italian listing (which is compulsory, according to guidelines) which is impossible to understand. Probably it is translated with an online translator. 
I am not meaning a few grammar mistakes: The descriptive part (which is the part that should "teach" a lesson of geology) is often impossible to understand, full of sentences with no meaning. Also the "questions" are often not understandable. In some caches, the translation is so bad that the question have a meaning totally different: there is an earth cache with only questions about weather and atmosphere, in the italian part!

Listing like these should be rejected, but the GeoAware can't do it because he reviews only the part in the language he knows (english), and can't check the italian one.

Moreover, it is impossible to report N/M, the reviewer should "trust" me if I say that the italian listing is totally wrong.
I think there is a lack of control about these caches, maybe an italian-speaking Geoaware could solve this problem.

I think that I'll report this situation to Groundspeak, but I don't know if it will change the things...

However... I posted my thoughts here to have some advice:
What could solve this problem?
Should I report this problems to GS or not?

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If it were me, I would do as our illustrious Moderator has suggested.  Since it appears you have a very firm command of the English language, I would answer the Logging Requirements which seem to be the clearest and consistent with the intent of the "lesson".  Clearly, weather and atmospheric topics are not suited for an Earthcache.

I would include in my email/message center response, an "oh! by the way, I took the liberty of translating your English Description into the local language, so that our local community could enjoy your Listing with a bit better clarity".  It's hard to imagine someone taking offense to such a gracious offer.

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I think Touchstone's suggestion is a good option for mitigating some aspects of this problem. There is a big difference between being able to understand a language, make yourself understood in that language and ability to write technically at the level needed to meet the expectations of a native language speaker. That cacher's are trying to meet the local language requirement using the flawed tools available to them should not be criticized unless a practical solution can be offered to assist them. This is a prime role for local cachers to take on as they usually speak the language well, know the sites better than travellers are likely too and can place caches into the context of a local dialect. They may even have ideas to add to a cache if they work with the person initiating the cache. In time, such cooperation could lead to quality caches in many countries that aren't just listed in English and the local language, but with translations in dozens of languages.

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