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eMap will not turn on unless I remove batteries and put them back in

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I just bought a used eMap to (hopefully) replace my old one bought in about 2001 which no longer turns on. The one I just acquired turned on fine when I put batteries in it after receiving it. However, I turned if off and when I went to turn it back on a few minutes later, nothing happened. I removed the batteries, put them back in - and it turned on just fine. Same thing happened again when I turned it off. Any ideas about whether there's anything to do to this old device to try to get it to be able to turn on without removing and replacing the batteries every time?


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I'm going to provide a position that you may not want to hear, but I think is relevant.

You replaced an extremely legacy device with another extremely legacy device. It's like saying "My Apple IIe died, so I replaced it with another one, and it's still not working properly." I don't know that it's even worth the time and effort to try and get one of these things working unless you are a collector of old tech. If this is your primary GPS device, just upgrade to a current line of GPS, if for nothing else than for the direct compatibility with current hardware and software standards and no need for proprietary cables to connect with.

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Sorry to be a buzzkill, but I'm with Mineral2 on this one. eMap was never a terribly popular device and Legend/Vista-class devices replaced them right at the turn of the century. Frankly, any investigation beyond checking battery terminals for corrosion and maybe - maybe - cracking the unit open for corrosion between the PCB and case is likely to be effort thrown down the hole.  Tens of dollars will get you a better mapping, outdoor - or both - used unit these days. The battery, mapping, cable situation on that unit just makes it a labor of love and not frugality to even chase. 

The problem described in the article below wouldn't be your issue, because you're on batteries, right?


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