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waymark visit by inactive member?


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Never mind. He has changed his name to The Snowdog.


Late last week I got a message that one of my waymarks had been visited. I went to look at this person's profile, and it says they are inactive and haven't visited the Waymarking site since 2005! Then how did they post a visit?

Waymark is Blazer Ice Center  WMG9VQ

Waymarker is Snowdog

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12 hours ago, vulture1957 said:

obviously not, in this instance.

In some programming languages (python I know, others I don't know), "!=" means "does not equal" or "is not the same as". In this case, "Snowdog" is not the same as "The Snowdog"

I'm more familiar with ≠, as in Snowdog ≠ The Snowdog

All that to say that yes, in this instance it is true: "Snowdog" != "The Snowdog"


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