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Old Cache (Sleepy Hollow, GCAE) going away

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Note to people considering visiting this cache; the park has now started to enforce a policy that caches older than two years must be removed. This unfortunately means the end for this long-lived cache, and the listing will be removed from the Geocaching site in November. I will move along any trackables still left in the cache at that time.

I would encourage anyone considering visiting this site to still do so; this cache was placed back in a time when Geocaching was about finding interesting and unique out-of-the way places, which this still very much is. Thank you all for the interesting logs over the years, and best of luck in the future.


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The same thing happened to GCB6, Yellow River Stash -- ironic, since it too was a November 2000 hide.  You might want to post a link to this forum thread on the cache page so that you don't see the same outpouring of discussion that happened to that cache.

That said, to echo the note that RayQuix posted to the cache page, it might be worth asking for an exception to policy for this one; maybe contact your local reviewer and/or local or state geocaching group for help making the case for an exception.  With only 13 caches left from November 2000, GCAE does draw in cachers from all over for the Jasmer challenge. 

I see that there are three other caches in the greater area around NYC that were hidden in the same month (GCBE and GCBF in NY and GCC8 in NJ).  But of the three NY caches, yours is the most found of the three that are located in New York, and it has the highest ratio of favorite points to PM finds -- so it's a well regarded cache.  That might lend itself to an argument that keeping it would maintain some level of economic draw to the local area that would not be effectively replaced by a brand new cache.

Your cache, of course, and your call.  If it does end up getting archived, that would be a pity, but kudos to you for keeping it going this long.

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Periwinkle (or anyone else) ... when you talk to the Parks guy, these stats may help him realize how important this cache is to the caching community. 

It is the SECOND oldest cache of New York’s 33,433 caches. 
It is the world’s 76th oldest cache (of the over 3 million caches out there)

And one of only 115 caches left from the year 2000.

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5 hours ago, Simrebel said:

Have you considered moving it outside the park  ? 


That would make it an entirely different cache!  We found it five years ago.  A beautiful walk through the Rockefeller Preserve.  The Preserve even provides orange vests during hunting season!  Loved the cache and the hike in.  Moving it would make it an entirely different cache.  

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Yep, it can't be moved and be the same listing.  Another cache will get published there, no doubt.

The cache has just been archived by Lucien, btw. *sadface*

5 other local friends and I headed out last weekend for an 8 hour road trip to go find it, and I made up a tribute video for it - hard to believe it's been doing its thing for 17 years. That's a lot of geocaching!  Thanks for letting everyone know well ahead of time about its archival, Lucien. You're a good CO ;)

Inevitably, the oldies will slowly retire... get'em while you can!

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Note that caches in that same location are no longer allowed, since it is well off of the trail, and needs 'bushwacking' - both explicitly disallowed by the newly-enforced policy.  It would have to be substantially relocated - not just a minor move.  I picked that place originally because it was exactly that - out of the way and out of sight; a bit of solitude in a busy park.

The cache would have to change far beyond what it was to remain (whether owned by myself or anyone else).. and in my $0.02, no longer the 'same' year 2000 cache as it originally. To me, the geocaches placed in that time were about sharing an interesting location to find, with a cache and log to document visit.  The logbook, the container, and even the website changed over the years, but the place remained the same.  I'm happy so many people got it enjoy it (and the location) over the years, and I hope people continue to visit the park in the future, for the place itself.

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