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BUG votes on waymark

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In our new category 'Watershed Markers and Monuments' we have voted on a waymark.

There are 3 votes visible in the 'Past Activiy Tab'.
2 of them are nay and only 1 is yea.
But the waymark has been automatically approved after the vote has ended. I am not a mathematician, but this calculation is clearly wrong.

Do we have a bug here? or is there any other explanation?

2017-10-06 12_29_05-_Watersheds_ Group Past Activity.jpg

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20 minutes ago, lumbricus said:

I voted yea with no comment. Next time I will write a few words. So the system is working fine.

The result is fine, but the system should write your vote even without a comment, it's a real bug and easy to fix.

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