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More accurate GPS coming to smartphones

J Grouchy
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Current GPS chips in smartphones provide a location accuracy within 5-meters (or 500-centimeters) of your actual location, but with Broadcom's latest and greatest (the BCM47755), that will be dwindled down to just 30-centimeters. Along with the improved accuracy, the new GPS chip should also perform better in cities and other urban locations where there are a lot of tall buildings and other concrete structures.


Still...I'm sure plenty of purists will never accept smartphone caching... :P

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That accuracy simply isn't available using the same satellites all devices use today, so reading further into the article I see they are connecting to L5 satellites also, which is where the enhanced accuracy comes from. I suspect Garmin and other GPS manufacturers will also be taking advantage of this or similar hardware to do the same, and the Smartphone vs GPSr argument will rage on....



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5 minutes ago, thebruce0 said:

On that topic, yep, even iPhone 8 & X have added Galileo and QZSS. Galileo is European, QZSS is Japanese. I'm sure the more countries plop up their own systems the more devices will be set to read their signals too.

L5 is a different thing and won't be available for at least a couple more years.  I'm sure every new GPS chip will support it.  It is a stupid article really as everyone uses the same basic type of chips.  The reason phones tend to be less "accurate" is because they do not normally use WAAS.

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