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Geocaching Wedding Proposal

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My wife passed away 3 years and 2 months ago.  My grief has been great and it took a while before I was able to "date" again.  I said "date" in quotes because it started as simply wanting a friend to spend time with.  Well, to make a long story short, one of those dates ended up being very special and after dating for over a year and a half, I decided it was time to make it official and ask Beckie to marry me.  Of course, I had to do something involving Geocaching, lol.  Although she is not a cacher, she puts up with my obsession with a smile.  

So there is a really large hill which is part of a dam in a state park near us.  She used to enjoy walking up that hill and spending time with her grandmother many years ago when Beckie was young.  Her grandmother passed away years ago, but this is the place where she likes to come to pray and have some alone time.  So when she told me this, I knew this was where I would eventually propose.  

So after getting the ring, I asked for help from our friends Adam and Deann.  They were to place the ring in a magnetic keyholder and then put that keyholder on the guard rail at the top of the hill.  Then they could hide out in a treeline a couple hundred feet away to watch the fake cache to make sure no one took it.  Great plan, but I almost blew it.  A couple of days before this was to go down, I texted Adam and Deann, "Hey, will Adam be able to get pictures/video of me proposing on Sunday?"  It was only after hitting "send" that I noticed that I sent it to....yep....you guessed it.....BECKIE!  Well, I managed to call her quickly and interrupt her from reading my text.  I asked her if she had received and/or read a recent text from me.  She hadn't so I convinced her that I was going to employ the help of Deann and Adam to get her a present and I didn't want her to ruin the surprise.  She bought the story!  She got her poker faced daughter to delete the text without incident.  Whew!!!!

So on Sunday, I asked her if she wanted to go for a hike with me and Mr. Grimm (my dog).  She agreed.  When we arrived, I asked if I could grab a couple of caches quickly before we hit the trails.  So we headed to grab the first (real) cache and then headed up the hill to the second (fake) cache  After reaching the top, and a pause to catch our breath, I said, "I have it about 30 feet over there.  Check the guard rail"  She found it and went to hand it to me.  I said, "just hand me the log" at which point she opened it and BAM!  I went down on one knee and proposed.  And the best part....she said yes!

And as luck would have it, that spot checked out and I hid an actual cache there the next day!  

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7 hours ago, Car54 said:

I am so happy to read this post!  We just did your tribute geocache to your late wife a couple months ago.  Clearly you love deeply - Beckie is a lucky gal. :)

Mrs. Car54


Ah ha, you did indeed!  Thank you for your kind words both here and on that log :)  Maybe I'll see you at Geowoodstock!  

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That is awesome!  She will have to put up with your caching because after all that is how you got engaged! 

 We had someone propose at one of our caches. It is a popular cache and someone snuck the note in right before and then taped the whole thing. 

Hope you both have many happy years of caching marriage!

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