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Selling Remainder of Older Geocoins

H to the Bizzle!
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Hi All!

I am selling the remainder of my older geocoin collection. Most are activated, some are not. I have the following coins available:


-Northwest PA geocoin 

-2006 NYGO New York Geocaching Organization geocoin 

-Maryland 2005 geocoin

-2006 Geocachers of Western Tennesee geocoin

-Elk County PA geocoin

-Forest County PA geocoin

-Jefferson County PA geocoin

-Clarion County PA geocoin

-Cameron County PA geocoin

-Spring Chick geocoin 

-2005 European Union geocoin

-Germany 2005 geocoin

-Finland 2005 grocoin

-2006 Czech Republic geocoin

-Denmark 2005 geocoin

-Selective Availability geocoin

-Geocaching Club February 2006 geocoin

-Geocaching Club March 2006 geocoin

-Geocaching Club April 2006 geocoin

-Geocaching Club May 2006 geocoin

-Geocaching Club June 2006 geocoin

-Geocaching Club July 2006 geocoin

-Bad Andy geocoin

-Definitive Series geocoin 1 of 3 Geocache

All coin prices are negotiable. I can accept payment through PayPal. Any already activated coins will have adoption request sent out. Thanks and let me know if interested!


- H to the Bizzle!


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