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Good afternoon,

We are planning a trip along the West Coast of the USA, and we have seen that it is possible to find caches like Benchmark or Waymark. What is the difference between the two? Where is it possible to find the coordinates? Is there any other type of cache that can be found in the USA? (we come from Europe)


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Hi and welcome to the USA. Where are you from? It is possible to find waymarks in many European countries too, and Waymarking around your home might be a good introduction to this different geogame.

Benchmarks are not caches, they are survey marks. :) You can look for nearest Benchmarks on the waymark and cache pages on geocaching.com, and some Benchmarks are also waymarks, but they are not a type of cache.  They are placed by the US government for surveying purposes.  Be careful if you go Benchmarks hunting - some are in dangerous places (like on railroad bridges) or have other hazards to be aware of (like fire ants). 

Waymarks are things that fit into categories that have been created by waymarkers in Waymarking.com. Some examples are Roman Catholic Churches, Veteran Memorials and specific US State historical markers. They a also not caches - there is no box and log there to find, only the thing itself. If you want to claim a find on a waymark, you will neeed a photo of it in most cases.

Welcome to the wide wierd wonderful world of Waymarking -- and the daring, puzzling, frustrating and exhilarating world of benchmark hunting !  

Other kinds of geocaches that can can be found in the US are Wherigo caches, letterbox and letterbox hybrid caches, virtual caches, and rarely some web cam caches. 

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