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Hi folks...


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I just wanted to say hello. I have been doing this crazy little game for a few months now and have had a blast. I have only once run into a fellow cacher on the hunt. I hope to maybe bump into others. A couple of you in the PDX area know me already, due to a ... shall we say poorly timed cache placement icon_rolleyes.gif ... but all is cool. Perhaps I shall make it to one of these wednesday night events I keep reading about.


And look for relocation of the misfortunate cache. Deep in the woods... In that place where I left that thing that one time... icon_biggrin.gif


Life is as much a discovery of the journey, as it is a journey of discovery...



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I presume the lack of immediate responses is due to the fact that this post appeared on a Wednesday and most of the regulars are, in fact, gathering icon_smile.gif No doubt your post will elicit numerous welcome-wagon-esque responses in due time.


I guess I'm not privvy to the "poorly timed cache placement" of which you speak, but I look forward to hunting any subsequent placements you make as well as meeting you in the field or at a gathering in the future.



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Makaio is right, many of us were at an informal geocachers gathering tonight partaking in yummy food and drink, and lively conversation!


Last night I printed out the pages for your 2 most recently placed caches. Hubby and I hope to go find these VERY soon.


Saw the picture on your profile page of you under Ponytail Falls. Cool place! We were in that area just about 3 months ago to find Oneonta. Check it out if you haven't already.


Looking forward to meeting you!

--laurak of dasein

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You will enjoy this wacky community. I have been at it for a year now and just last night at the get-together I met a few other area cachers I had not met yet.


I haven't met a cacher I didn't like yet. (oh, wait a minute.) Have a great time hope to run into ya at a cache or get-together.


KTF !!! GBWY !!!

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Welcome there Bazzle. You will indeed find this community of cachers a great bunch. We have all known each other for a long time (1 day to 2 years). Great friendships have formed and everyone is welcome. Others just stare in amazement. I dont know why they do that, but they do.


What do you call 2,000 pounds of Chinese Soup? Won Ton.

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