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How to find out the name of a Geocoin?

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I do collect Geocoins and often have a coin I traded for or bought and I do not know the exact name of it.

Earlier it was possible to go to the gc site and enter an unactivated tracking code and the following site said "this coin is not activated" and showed the name the coin was registered with at geocaching.com and a field where to enter the activation code. When looking for more coins of the same series it is very helpful to know the exact name (e.g. Compass Rose 2015 geocoin).

It seems Groundspeak made several changes to their site as currently the next page after entering an unactivated trackable code just asks for the activation code, not showing anything more. Even if I would want to activate it it is often a mess finding an activation code without knowing the name of the coin.

Does anybody know what a suitable way is to find out a geocoin's name? Does anybody know why Groundspeak changed the good working way into a not working?

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