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CITO Week?

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I got a mail stating there was limited time to get an event together for this month.  One of those best kept secrets, apparently.  Some people seem to have some CITOs around here, but usually when there's a souvenir at stake there may be a couple dozen events.

I checked the blog and the last CITO mentions are back around Earthday.  Nothing about an upcoming one, which I recall many of us did in the past, including jointly with Save Our Shores, where we collected 300 cigarette butts and about 90 beer bottles (mostly from around one very skinny tree which was propped up by a mountain of them.)

What are the endpoint dates for this CITO weeks?  Details don't survive my email's text filter. (I don't allow HTML, scripts or anything through, I've had two systems infected and I'm very wary what comes in email now.)

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The upcoming CITO week was the topic of the August 15th weekly newsletter. I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in an earlier newsletter as well. It was also mentioned in the Blog at those times. I haven't checked the Geocaching Facebook page, but wouldn't be surprised to find that it was mentioned there as well.

I wouldn't call it a "best kept secret", but I agree that it may be tough to find out about if you don't get the newsletters or read the Blog or check Facebook. If you choose not to receive communications from GS, then I'm not sure how you'd expect to hear about such things

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