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12 monkeys meets the golden nippleII


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Time for the is here event. From 7-10ish. Info on 12 monkeys will be released at around 8:30-9:00 after I have a couple beers in me icon_smile.gif Sorry, I have been so busy making sure this is going to go right and work that I havent been on the internet in awhile. Things are back to normal now icon_smile.gif


monkeys are everywhere

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I was going to start a separate thread, but this one will do nicely. For any who may want to work on the prelimenary puzzle for 12 monkeys, the text for the red group is as follows:


With the failure of prior attempts by James Cole, you are one of 3 teams to travel back in

time to stop a devastating plague that killed 5 billion people in 1990. James Cole will aid

you in your quest.


Decipher this key to help you when your quest begins. You will be given encrypted

instruction at that time and will not be able to decipher them unless you have the encryption solved.


h2 e2 p1 l2 r1 z1 f2 z2 x1 u1 k2 t1q1 g2 d2 m1 b2 c2 O1 v1 m2 l2 w1y2 s1 j2


z1-f2 u1-g2 f2-v1-q1 m1-z1-b2-v1-m1-p1-q1-f2

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In addition to the above post, the following points may be significant.


There were minor textual differences between the three groups, but the encriptions are identical.


It has been determined that each element of the encryption consists of a letter and a number.


The means to decypher the encryption is entirely contained in the message, (no outside reference is required).

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Originally posted by Odysseus:


h2 e2 p1 l2 r1 z1 f2 z2 x1 u1 k2 t1 q1 g2 d2 m1 b2 c2 O1 v1 m2 l2 w1 y2 s1 j2


z1-f2 u1-g2 f2-v1-q1 m1-z1-b2-v1-m1-p1-q1-f2


I may be stating the obvious, but there are none of the following: a, i, n

And there are 2 of the following: l m z


I know I'm taking them out of order, but of the duplicates there are L2 & L2, M1 & M2, Z1 & Z2


There's not a complete alphabet, and there are 12 "1"s and 14 "2"s so they can't be lined up top & bottom like our standard decryption sheets.


I have no idea what to do with it, but there it is.


"And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination."

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Originally posted by WestyCrew:

I think teams will have to be decided on Saturday. We do really need help breaking the above code before then, our first message for the cache will be encrypted. Also, where is the info on the time and place for Saturday?




Hi, it's the Potluck 2 event.



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In addition to the observations made by team Joyson, i have noticed that letters b through m all are paired with number 2 while letters o through y are mostly paired with number 1. (y is the only exception.)


Letters a and m are paired with each 1 and 2. Since a and m are twelve letters apart (amongst the represented letters) and they represent the edges of each range, maybe there's some kind of clock theme to this code?


I am suspicious that one of the l2's should be an i2, and that maybe y2 should be y1. Just suspicion, nothing there yet...

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here's my 2 cents. You have 26 sets of letter/number. Then hypenated letter/numbers. The 26 should be letters and the hypenated will be a sentence. Now taking the 1 or 2 after the letter could represent the actual letter is within 1 or 2 spaces. M2=O or K. I tried this system and could nearly spell out the alphabet. Any thoughts


There was a young maid from Madras

Who had a magnificent a$$;

Not rounded and pink,

As you probably think---

It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass.

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Hi, I think I have the code.

(I have sent my answer to Syn, but no response yet.)


I'm not sure what I should post yet, in case anyone wants to solve it independantly, but there's a little spoiler hint below...






Gur ynfg jbeq vf cebonoyl 'nycunorg'.

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Odysseus has correctly cracked the code with only minor discrepencies.


The 1 and 2 represent either the first 13 letters in the alphabet or the second thirteen letters.


Now. alternating between down and up starting with letter 1. You move 12 letters down example. a=m1 amd then the next letter you move up 12 letters looping the alphabet. b=p1


letters 14-26 reverse the up and down..starting with down then up....so n=z2 and o=c2.


Congrats odysseus on crackin' the code.


Oh and westycrew.....You husband knew the entire code the whole time...I told him exactly how to crack it at the original event.




monkeys are everywhere

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