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Oregon Vortex: Worst Place Ever For A Cache?


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How many are familiar with the Oregon Vortex, down near Ashland? Allegedly it's a local magnetic disturbance, that also results in bending light and other visual perception phenomenon. The visual stuff is pure carnival funhouse, duplicated in all sorts of places. However they stand on their claims regarding bending light and magnetic/compass problems.


Compass problems? Hmmmmmmm.......


Would a place like that be the Worst Place Ever for a cache, providing their claims are accurate?

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At one time there was a cache across the road from the Oregon vortex but It did not last long. It didn't last long because It was poorly done. When I went to find that one I don't recall any problems at all with my GPS, but hey I guess anything can happen.


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Been there once, as a young kid. Thought it was kinda interesting then. I saw a thing on it on TV a couple of weeks ago. They told the story of a carpenter who was there to do repair on one of the buildings. He said he didn't believe in the vortex until that day. He'd measure the space that he needed to cut a board for, then go back out to his truck (outside the vortex) and cut the board, using the same tape measure to measure it. Then when he'd take the board into the vortex to put it in place it'd be the wrong size. He tried it like 4 or 5 times and it never came out to the right size. Finally he gave in and took his tools inside and measured and cut and it fit the first time.


Tall tale? you decide.



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I know a man who does maintenance work there. He often says that if he is building anything that he has to cut any lumber he needs at home because if he cuts it in the vortex the measurments will be off. It is definatly a neat place to visit.


He will let me in for free... maybe I'll take my GPS with me someday and see if anything funky happens with it.



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I was there about 14 years ago and it was pretty cool. They mix in some carnival trickery along with the natural phenomenon of the vortex (which does seem real). A cache placed outside the vortex would just be another normal cache but if you could get permission to put it inside - now that would be cool.


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Originally posted by KnightTemplar:

The Oregon Vortex charges an arm and 2 legs for admission... I went there, saw the price and left.


We went back in 1986 and it was expensive, but I was visiting my girlfriend in college, so we splurged and...


...and thought it was a ripoff. Oh well, the indiscretions of youth can't ALL be wasted on sex and wild living. Sometimes you have to blow your gas money back to Portland and ask Mom for more. icon_frown.gif



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