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TB in Google Earth in miles?

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I want to see how my TB has travelled so I use the "view in Google Earth" menu from the TB page. It works fine, except that the description says "X has travelled Y miles". Everything else on the Geocaching page is in kilometers (the units that I'm using), so why does it suddenly become miles when transfering to Google Earth? Is there some setting that I've missed?

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I could be wrong, but isn't it simple math?

I know it's inconvenient and the link between GC & GE should be more accommodating, but if all you're doing is looking to see roughly how far it's come, couldn't you just say half-again as far in kilometers, plus a little more? So, if it says it travelled ten miles, then it's about sixteen kilometers?  (Roughly 1.6 k's to a mile.)

Or, of course, you can apply a more exact multiplier if you want, but if you're just looking to get a rough distance and say "Wow!"...

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