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Smileys missing

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hi everybody, perhaps I am running under the wrong title....

1. During the recent logging difficulties, we had logged several caches and as result we had a "not found". When we tried to correct, it did not work. At home we managed to alter into "found", but on the mobile (android) the red smileys had gone, but no yellow ones appeared.

2. Today we have logged cache GC66T0K Maria Hilf den Christen. Sometimes we see a smiley often we don't. What happens here?

3. On the laptop we have been able to log GC3P0H7 SeaLife Constance. It does not appear on the mobile and we are not able to log again. It then shows "not found"...

4. There are several more, which we have been able to log on the computer, but which do not show up on android. Since the 21st August there does not seem to be any contents in these logs anymore either.

5. Other logs which we found, switch automatically to "not found" inspiteof them having been found.

We are slightly lost, as we do not know, how to handle these different problems.

Thanks for any help.


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Having a similar issue. I find the cache on my android phone, write my draft and it shows up just fine on the website. However, when I go back later to see the smiley on the phone, it is not there. If I go back to the cache on the phone and tap it like I'm checking the cache, the smiley will often appear. The smiley sometimes appears on the same day, some times 1-2 days later.  Also, I might have to do this procedure to several caches, or they might all appear at once. Strange.

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